What Lies Beyond the Clouds

What Lies Beyond the Clouds

A Story by Jared Fellows

I would do this if I knew the truth.

“You shouldn’t have taken it. WHY did you take it?” Gabriel said. He began to pace.
    Mr. Devore grinned and said, “Because I wanted it.” Gabriel’s face became contorted.
    “How could you take such a thing? Have you no soul?” he asked.
    “If it’s not gone by now, I do indeed have one,” Mr. Devore replied.
    They stood alone in an empty, rundown chapel. Some of the windows that rose gloriously above the pews now lay in shards on the ground below.
    “Oh, what does the Lord think of you? You screwed up your chance with him. Oh, no! Maybe mine too because I'm affiliated with you,” said Gabriel.
    “It’s petty theft. Relax. You have no need to worry,” Mr. Devore said. Gabriel stops pacing and stares at Mr. Devore. His eyes become icy.
    “Mr. Devore, isn’t cheating Death enough? Did you have to-”
    “YES, Gabriel. I had to. This world needs to see, what I saw. They need proof, god-d****t! You see what this world has become. You see it everyday as a matter of fact!” Mr. Devore lifted a devilish smile. “Won’t you come and join my party dressed to kill?”
    Gabriel looked downward at the innocent angel’s body.
    “In God’s name.”

© 2009 Jared Fellows

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WoW. . . I really enjoyed the way you interweaved the themes concerning the Human condition with heavy religious overtones. impeccable

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Jared Fellows
Jared Fellows

Los Angeles, CA

my name is Pockets, and I am your storyteller. Why a storyteller instead of a writer? When Satan has dragged me to his home because of my passion for the truth, I will be a writer. When logic i.. more..