Today, I found My Friend

Today, I found My Friend

A Screenplay by Jared Fellows

It's inspired by Stephen King's 'salem's Lot


(LITTLE GIRL is talking to her blue-stuffed bunny. Her blue-stuffed bunny is sitting in the chair while the girl is standing.)

LITTLE GIRL: Today, I found my friend. She was lost even though I said she couldn’t be late. Oh, well, I found my friend, today. She went around The Bend instead of up the straight, narrow road, like I told her to. Yeah, I knew she wasn’t going to, but it’s fine. She was coming to our house to play Doctor. It was always the most fun to operate on her. She always squirmed and she was the worst at pretending to be dead. She always had one eye open staring back at me. I never liked her when she did that. It always gave me goose flesh. This was the only time she was ever good at pretending to be dead. Today, I was supposed to be operating on her brain, but she didn’t come today. Today, I found my friend in The Bend. The Bend is this small pathway around the river. It is mighty high, but everyone plays there. It is fun to jump into the river. The river doesn’t move fast, so we are never swept away. Oh my, that jump is high. Anyway, today I found my friend in The Bend. Funny isn’t it? Well, I found her on the ground by the river on her back. I ran over to her and inspected her. “What are you doing?” I asked, but she didn’t answer. “You had a major brain operation today, young lady.” Then I realized what she wanted me to do. She wanted me to perform the operation here. I ran back to our house, got my tools, and went back. I started my operation on her, but she didn’t squirm. She didn’t move about, laugh, or smile. She was a great patient that day. When I finished, I said, “O.K. we’re done here, you can get up now.” But she didn’t. And then I noticed that both of her eyes were closed. Today, I found my friend in The Bend.

© 2010 Jared Fellows

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I really thought this was cute.
The little girl's telling a story, right, of what happened?
So, according to the little girl, the 'patient' died?
It seems so to me. What a tragic - like story that came from a child's mouth.

I really liked reading this. Keep up the amazing work.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Jared Fellows
Jared Fellows

Los Angeles, CA

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