A Story by Maraina Cross

April 16th, 1995

It was a cold night in the city that never sleeps and here I, Max Galewan, sit in an empty bar with nothing to do but drink. All my friends had serious jobs or a wife to go home to but me, I haven’t had a girl friend since I was in middle school. Right then the door opened letting the brisk spring night in as well a young women with tousled black hair and a purple streak on one side of her head. She could have taken any other seat in the bar but no she took the stool right next to me.

“Hey, Fred get me the usual.” Her voice was sweet but had an edge to it.

“Scotch on the rocks coming up Clair.” Fred shot back. I just kept my eyes trained on the whisky in front of me. When I looked over at her, she was studying me. Her green eyes tracing my face and then she smiled showing perfect white teeth.

“Do you mind if I sketch you because this is perfect for my assignment and the lighting is great?” I blinked several times wondering ‘Who the hell is this girl’ before I nodded. “Oh thank you so much, by the why names Claira Louis. I’m just finishing up my masters in art” She held out her hand.

“Max Galewan, no degree.” I didn’t take her hand but she smiled all the same and got out a pad and pencil. For an hour she would look up, look down, look up again, took a sip of her scotch and repeat until she was done. Claira turned the picture around for me to look. It was rough yet smooth but it fit the bar background. “Wow. That’s really good” I said giving her a small smile.

“Thanks, I have to color it yet so if I could have your phone number, I’ll call you when it’s done.” So I scribbled it down, gave it to her and we talk for almost two hour. I knew this was not the only times I would be seeing her.

April 16th, 1997

Claira and I have been dating two years to the day and now, on this day, I will ask her to spend the rest of my life with her, if she’ll have me. We sat on a bench in Central Park under the stars. The moon made her pale skin glow in the night and the maroon dress she was wearing made her eyes look an emerald green. Claira several months ago got rid of her signature bright purple streak and went for a more neutral purple under tones. I reached into my pocket and felt the soft velvet box. When I brought it out and she looked down I was lost for words. It felt like a century before she looked up and smiled the Claira smile.


August 23rd, 2000

 Our new life was almost perfect and it would be in less than three month. Claira was expecting now it’s defiantly showing now. This morning she was making breakfast, humming a tune in her apron with her hair in a messy bun and arms looking like a three year old painted them. She has been painting a mural in the nursery with little fairies and flower since she found out 6 month ago she was having a girl.

“Good morning.” I said kissing her on the cheek.


“How is she doing today,” Rubbing her stomach.

“Uh she’s been kicking all morning and I think she’s making me dizzy from the lack of sleep.”

“Only a couple more months and she’ll be keeping you awake a lot more.”

I laughed at her serious face because it didn’t look right on her. Stepping out of the kitchen, I went out to get the mail. When I came back it, I smelt breakfast burning. ‘Got to love morning sickness’ I thought smiling but as I entered the kitchen, Claira was on the floor unconscious.

August 26th, 2000

She had brain cancer, my Claira. The doctor said there is a tumor in the middle of her brain so it inoperable and the only way she has a chance is if she would have Chemo and Radiation but they would have to talk the baby early. Dr. Evan came in then, “Have you thought about this more clearly Mrs. Galewan?” He said hold a clip bored.

“The answer is still no. We wait one more month until we start treatment.”

“You do know this cancer is very aggressive and you might not make it after the baby is born.” She nodded understanding but I was getting torn up inside. How was I going to raise our baby on my own without help?

Sept. 26th, 2000

Exactly a month passed when the put Claira into labor. She had become very skinny and weak to where she could only stand an hour at most but still did the mural on the baby’s room. We decided to name her Naomi Clair after her mother and grandmother. Labor was hard and in the end the doctors had to do a C-Section and as the predicted Claira lost a lot of blood and it wasn’t looking good.

They brought Claira and Naomi back into the room. A nurse gives Naomi to me to hold since Claira wasn’t strong enough. She was healthy and beautiful like her mother with thick black hair. I looked to Claira; she was pale, her hair thin and breathing shallow. She looked at me, then our baby and she lift a hand to stroke Naomi’s cheek.

“Remember my vow; I will always be with you and love you to forevermore.” I cried as she said this but knew this is what she wanted. We talked about the future and what she wanted for Naomi like what to give her for her first birthday and graduation. Claira died peacefully is her sleep a smile on her face.     

© 2014 Maraina Cross

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yes i did thank you so much!!

Posted 4 Years Ago

I don't know if you got the right message, but you won second in the 1000 words or less contest. :)

Posted 4 Years Ago

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Maraina Cross
Maraina Cross


I just started to get into writing and would like to be more involved in the writing world. I am in a wheelchair and on a vent, but I don't let that stop me from going after my dreams. more..

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