Notes to Myself

Notes to Myself

A Story by nalini priyadarshni

When does anything come into existence? When do people fall in love?


I have been thinking about it since the day I read that silly article about Newton’s law of gravity. It questioned our belief about the time when certain things come into existence. Have they been always there, for us to find out? The law of gravity..... Did it come into existence when Newton propounded it or it was there for eons laying in wait to be discovered? How many things are out there, waiting for us to notice them, many of them basic and important as law of gravity? I know it’s completely silly, in a world threatened by recession with market down in dumps; nobody wants to think about it. All my husband talks about now a days is, how bad market is and what difficult times are ahead and that I should be spending less money every evening as he drives me home from work. I grunt occasionally, but my eyes glaze over with my mind obsessed with this silly problem.

Actually, there is another question, not very different. When do people fall in love? When they meet someone who seems special to them or is it that they have always been in love with that person and they just realize it when they meet him? I am not talking about finding someone interesting or suitable. There are people you say hello to and they look at you and smile and you feel you have known them all your life. You share with them what you can’t imagine sharing with anyone, not even your best friend. They casually say something and you feel compelled to follow through. When you are with them, the big void you have always felt in the pit of your stomach suddenly fills up.

I am talking about those people you know are all wrong for you but still you feel that if you didn’t spend rest of your life with them then you have missed the boat. They give you much grief and still you feel that life would lose all meaning without them. Thinking about them is nothing short of meditating and they are capable of teaching you all you need to know. Those who believe in spiritualism say that we know everything and learning is just remembering what we already know. We learn so that we carry it forward in another lifetime.

Is it so with love too? Do we just remember what is already know or is it how scientists have put it? Instinct....

It’s an honest enquiry folks. Do share what you feel or what your experience says.

© 2012 nalini priyadarshni

Author's Note

nalini priyadarshni
I believe that its important to keep asking questions, keep following your heart and never let the inquisitive child inside you die.

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nalini priyadarshni
nalini priyadarshni

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