The Prince and The Princess

The Prince and The Princess

A Story by Kupo

A Prince returns to his past home to say goodbye. But something goes wrong...

Bedridden by grief in times of sadness, the Princess cried for her Prince that was lost to her.
He had met the tragic fate when it was discovered he was not who he said he was, and thus he ran away.
The Prince ran across the land, crossing borders, rivers, as well as personal limits.
Many years later, when the Prince was old, and the people had forgotten of the past, he returned to the kingdom.
Nobody could recognize the Prince. He realized he could use this to sneak back into the castle, to see his past lover one last time before he would no longer wander.
And thus, he sneaked into the castle under the cover of darkness. He was lucky, for the guards had not changed their ways since long ago, and still looked at the same stones with the same expressions.
The Prince at last made it to the Princess' chamber. Here he knocked softly upon the door, just like he would've done in the past.
The Princess, feeling a certain nostalgic sense at the rythm of the knock, stood up from her chair and approached the door.
The Prince began to feel at unease. He had not considered what would happen when he met her. He had loved her, always, but even if he did meet her one last time, would it really be the right thing to do? He began to sweat. His body began to itch. His breathing became unsteady and he began to feel sick. What should he say? How should he act? He had only questions, but no answers.

The princess opened the door, hoping to see a glimpse of her long gone love. But there was nothing other than the flustered cries of a peacock, startled by the sudden appearance of a long forgotten actor.

© 2017 Kupo

Author's Note

Thank you for taking the time to read my short story.

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Added on December 7, 2017
Last Updated on December 7, 2017
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