The Buddha's Truth

The Buddha's Truth

A Poem by Deepshikha

I take a journey, looking for the truth. And this is what I see. This is what I become. And He is my guide.


'Twas a fine young day when I set out on the path,

Of knowledge and truth, of trying to avoid God's wrath.

Sunny day it was, that fateful morn',

And I skipped away, thinking I would again be born.


But lo! 'Twas not as easy as I thought 'twould be,

Those whom I trusted came to brainwash me,

They said obey this, not that! Or fall from God's sight!

And I slunk away, hoping for another ray of light.


But I kept going, looking for my Messiah,

And they said look up, not towards Mother Gaia.

I waited and waited, for him to speak,

To have that personal relationship; his word to make me unique.


Sophomorically, I passed the time,

And I could feel my brain starting to sublime.

But nothing happened, not even a miracle of sorts,

And I was left there, looking for supports.


So I fell from the graces of his People and Word,

And bemusedly thought, so be it! 'Twas rather absurd.

And I went on my path once more,

In this, my heart I did pour.


My wanderings took me to a place far away,

To a man that could lead no one astray;

His voice was gentle, his smile benign,

His robes simple, and his wisdom far greater than mine.


I asked a simple thing, only for truth,

And he told me, Stop, look around, keep no forsooth.

Hurriedly I looked, waiting to discover,

He said Sit still, don't fretter.


I tried and tried, but I had naught the patience,

And he told me to close my eyes and see Earth's transience.

'Twas hard holding still, after so much excitement,

But I quieted down and saw, nothing a disappointment.


I saw butterflies awaking,

Mountains shaking;

Snowflakes melting,

Oceans bloating.

I heard sundrops falling,

The forest's calling,

Sweet bees a-buzzing,

Man's mind a-glazing.

I tasted Victory, Fear, Love and Hate,

Malice, Compassion, Justice and Her negate.


I felt all that I could, everything more, nothing less,

And by the end I still knew nothing, this I confess.


I asked him Who are you? wanting to know,

He told me to again look around and see the show;


And I saw he was the trees, and the grasses, the beings and ashes.

He was the answer to my ego, to quell my soul's thirst and quiet my mind's clashes.


This I saw and with awe I exclaimed.


But my Buddha laughed and only looked more placid,

He said, Be still once more, 'twill only be more lucid.

And to him I said yes, for he had said much and yet so little,

And never again from the path was I belittled.

© 2009 Deepshikha

Author's Note

I think it might be a wee bit too wordy at some places...dunno...critiques?
Poem I of my 14/14 Poetry project.

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excellent... a wonderful spiritual journey... the world is indeed in need of a messiah

Posted 8 Years Ago

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It is indeed verbose. Nice job though!

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Posted 8 Years Ago

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