Clarity in Madness

Clarity in Madness

A Poem by Minnie

Finding clarity in the madness is what I do best.

Make it another day just to over stress, my mess is the best.

Stained shirt, not able to care for the makeup clowns.

White out my mistakes.

A string of flaws, make the glory days.

Open my mind only to shield my feelings.

Drink a beer or two I know I will sleep well.

Refuse to wear pants, my life is too simple to be fake.

I want to stop, I want to sleep, but that’s a dream.

Laughing at the dreams you have/had makes the failure sting less.

Super glue your broken mirror, seven years bad luck, glue my hands together.

Rip the skin off, shed the light and fold underneath the blanket at night.

Make a wish, close your eye, but don’t sleep. The body of betrayal.

Loyal to the wrong jester, make it look professional.

Type away your life, act as if you care.

Take another shot, take another pill, it’s time to get real.

Party is over, drunk and hung over luckily I was not invited inside.

A tired brain is a good brain, be smart, be pale, be tan, be gone.

Seemingly obvious, not clear enough.

Golden gates may open but you would rather climb the wall

Damn this yellow wallpaper.

Laugh at the best idea ignore your worst fears.

Jumped off the cliff, I am your true gift.

Dawn, noon, late too late, too early.

Make it easy even though it’s too hard.

Glimpse into the royal life, makes you want to commit homicide.

Stars on the mind, shows the blind why they are better off.

Seeing is not believing, but leaving is leaving.

A wedding dress is a promise, as is to a lie to a good marriage.

I show the true colors, even if they are pale.

Seemingly too far to walk, but easy to drive.

Out of gas and out of time.

Travel around the world and realize how small you are.

Blonde beauty is all. But she will fall with no one to catch her.

I think of the past, and want to sleep.

Design a sign, only to go the wrong way.

Be a star, be a no body.

Make a band, drink to the moon and back.

I miss the gory details of my pattern.

A cry for help is unheard, so you make a plan.

The plan is to have a plan as to have a plan.

As she started to drown you were not her light.

Blurry and easy, just like that she was gone.

He wrote the obituary, yeah life is scary.

Make it, fake it, love it, stay away from it.

A letter for the deceased is only a treat.

May I read, may I feel?

A tears here, a scream there, a punch everywhere.

Yes, I still walk around in my underwear.

The last light, is always the brightest and hardest to fade away.



© 2016 Minnie

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Wow... nice hey.... well done

Posted 9 Months Ago


8 Months Ago

Thank you!
"so you make a plan.

The plan is to have a plan as to have a plan.

As she started to drown you were not her light.

Blurry and easy, just like that she was gone."

Posted 1 Year Ago

Your wisdom shines through the simplicity of your writes and directness of your plans. Well done as always...:)..............

Posted 1 Year Ago


8 Months Ago

Thank you!
Sami Khalil

8 Months Ago

You are welcome. ...:::)))

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