Franklin Pierce (President # 14) (1853-1857)

Franklin Pierce (President # 14) (1853-1857)

A Chapter by MandaBear

Fourteenth President of the United States of America

Franklin Pierce is number 14.
Did you know he doesn't have a middle name.
He did however have 2 nick names.
They were Handsome Frank and Young Hickory.

Franklin Pierce had some rough times.
All three of this sons died before he goes into office.
Franklin Pierce Jr. died from unknown causes.
Frank Robert Pierce died from typhus fever.

The worse of all was his son Benjamin Pierce.
Benjamin Pierce was ran over my a train right in front of this parents eyes.
He was only 13 years old.
He was the only one that got hit by the train.

Franklin Pierce had more bad news in his career.
Man, I feel really bad for this guy he can't catch a break.
`He infuriated northern's by supporting the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854.
This permitted slavery to spread north of the Missouri southern border. 

This caused 200 casualties it soon became known as "Bleeding Kansas".
In other war time news Franklin Pierce was a brigadier general in the Mexican war.
 His horse was scared of the battle noises and threw him on this pommel hard!
Poor Franklin Pierce I think he should have stayed home.

Franklin Pierce did have some good though.
I bet you thought that wasn't possible now did you?
Well, He was friends with Nathaniel Hawthorne.
He is the fourth cousin four times removed from Barbra Pierce Bush.

Franklin Pierce made many troubles in his life.
He had no middle name, 2 nicknames.
He was one of the unluckiest presidents.
Can you imagine if he was president number 13?

© 2013 MandaBear

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This was pretty cool! I had no idea all these things happened to him. One grammar point: it should be "break" not "brake."

Posted 5 Years Ago

LOL I didn't know how unlucky he was!

Young and fierce was Franklin Pierce, the man without a chin! Hey, that makes three nicknames!

Posted 5 Years Ago

I know right. Poor guy

Posted 5 Years Ago

Awsome Well done

Posted 5 Years Ago

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