Striding Edge

Striding Edge

A Poem by Nigel Newman


- I want you to ride to the top. Enjoy the cramped space. It protects you.

- Lean out. Look down. The safety rails will do their job.

- Stand on the glass. Do a tiny jump. [They don’t allow acrobatics].

- Enjoy the horizon. You are one with all you can see.


- Go to Striding Edge. Yes, there are risks.  Bear them!

- Look at the precipitous scree on each side. Keep to the trail.

- Walk the ridge. Brace against the wind. Thousands have before you.

- Take the deep breath you've earned and enjoy the view. It’s a stunning beautiful land.


- Crawl through the crevice. The gaps won’t disappear.

- Hear the guides chatting quietly. They’re relaxed for you.

- Face the squeeze and push beyond it. They're waiting to show you.

- Enjoy the cave. The rare engravings. Not many see this special place.

But for now

- Turn round. Face away from the mirror. This is your present.

- Walk forward. A step at a time. There’s no rush.

- Outside are strangers. Stand. See them. Greet them if you wish. Do not evade them.

- Smell the flowers. Hear the birds. They’re welcoming you.

© 2017 Nigel Newman

Author's Note

Nigel Newman
So much I could say about why I've written this. After 3-4 tries, I've decided just to let the words speak for themselves.

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Can I take a print of this and stick it as a to do poster over my bedroom wall? Because this is superb. I really liked it. Not once did it patronize and I found it very inspiring. Well done, Nigel!

Posted 3 Months Ago

Nigel Newman

3 Months Ago

Malika I'm honoured. I'd be happy for you to do that, but please keep my name there in some tiny pr.. read more
Mallika Relives

3 Months Ago

This gives me real feels. Been there, perhaps still there, trying to do that and still striving. Tha.. read more
I love the flow of the first three paragraphs, the growing impossibilities, the adrenaline the giddy opportunities, and then...the here and now. (For most of us, the hardest of the three).
I like your perspective, Nigel. Looking forward to more. :)

Posted 11 Months Ago

Nigel Newman

11 Months Ago

Molly Anna thanks. Of course it's all possible. But for me, by far the hardest is/was that single wo.. read more
this is the best... really like it...

Posted 1 Year Ago

Nigel Newman

1 Year Ago

Thanks for this. As I say, there's a lot one could launch into around something like this. We all ha.. read more
This is amazing, Nigel! I feel like a powerful and heartwarming poem like this should have more views. This piece is like a small push I needed to go into the right direction. Thank you for sharing :)

Posted 1 Year Ago

Nigel Newman

1 Year Ago

Thanks Gullia. It's kind of you to say so. Yes, readership numbers and which things get more feedba.. read more
Very Meaningful and original metaphor here for facing life full-on without fear. Great style, original form and rollercoaster-ish flow! When we are children it's so easy to have "No Fear", when life has left it's scars, not so much. Lesson here- push on and reap the fecund and beautiful rewards "Smell the flowers. Hear the birds. They're welcoming you."-warms the heart and soul. Thanks for this lesson Nigel!:)

Posted 1 Year Ago

Nigel Newman

1 Year Ago

You are most welcome! Thanks

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Nigel Newman
Nigel Newman

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I used to have a training role that often involved creating imaginative case study exercises. I've been writing lyrics for most of my amateur band's songs for several years. I will consider any frie.. more..