A Tribute to the Heroes

A Tribute to the Heroes

A Poem by Inthemind

In the memory of the students,staff who lost their lives on the cold horrific morning of 16/12/14,the children who died in the blast in the park on 27/3/16 and all people who've lost lives to terror.



A little blue bird flies with all its splendor

And a tiny baby fish swims with all its might.

It conquers the skies, it wanders the oceans,

Playing, eating, living life.

The child with big brown eyes and a toothless smile

Cheers with joy on the merry go round.

The boy carrying his school bag walks briskly

To reach in time before the bell sounds.

Time ticks by, life taking its course,

But then,

The earth shakes and the mountains tremble

Horrified at the act that follows

A flower is plucked, a bird is shot

An ant is stomped over, a fish is caught.

The screams of a child echo in the hollow night,

The school bag falls with a thump

As another life is taken…

She turns on the TV yet again

To see a reporter standing next to a blast site

Fear grasps her, tears fall

Darkness surrounds her, diminishing the light.

The city mourns on yet another loss

Tributes are paid and candles are lit

But the very next day they forget,

That child on the merry go round

And the boy who was late for school

A morning of mid-December, the blast in the park

When blood was shed and,

Another life was taken…

She sees it all in absolute horror

As life goes on around her

But she can't breathe she can't talk

Her life it seems has come to a halt

So she knocks on the doors in her search for humanity

A desperate attempt as she loses her sanity

She calls out to the people, the sinners, How could’ve they?

Forgotten the values of love and fraternity

And taken away such precious lives

When to kill one is to kill all humanity

But there they stand, hollow and silent

Their hands blackened by the evil and severity

Their mouths shut tight, their minds paralyzed

The unforgivable sin they’ve committed

And when the sun sets, they’ll come,

Begging for forgiveness for another life they had taken…

But all that will remain are endless echoes

In a hollow night and men with deadly sins

And a fire that shall forever ignite

© 2017 Inthemind

Author's Note

This poem is a tribute to all the people who have lost lives to terror and those who have lost their loved ones. I've also added some verses from my previous poem in this. Let me know your thoughts! :)

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I don't know the incident, yet the poem told me how horrible it is. So nice of you to do such poem. I love it.

Posted 6 Days Ago

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6 Days Ago

Thank you. This poem is for all those people who've lost lives to terrorism. I wrote it when a horri.. read more
a beautiful tribute,sad situation we have to be a part of

Posted 1 Week Ago

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1 Week Ago

Indeed. "I see humans but no humanity" Horrible situation all over the world.
Thank you for .. read more

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Added on November 10, 2017
Last Updated on November 10, 2017
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