The Sadness of a Secular World

The Sadness of a Secular World

A Poem by Nolo Segundo

We so-called 'moderns' believe we are so advanced, yet look at the great unhappiness all about us: with myriad numbers of drug OD's, murders, suicides, alcoholics, divorces, mental illness, etc.

There was a Time when men built
God great houses pf stone and glass,
with Gothic towers, reaching, ever
reaching to scratch Heaven's belly.

In those great halls beneath the bold
flying buttresses, people felt tiny...
yet when they cast their eyes
upward, they would think-- This is
where He must be! And sometimes,
just sometimes, some of them might
feel a twinge or even a slight, ever
so slight a shaking: a divine wisp.

Now we build huge malls packed with myriad
shops offering endless promises-- all lies!
We hack humanity down to its lowest
common denominator while mocking
those who seek to awaken their souls,
to awaken to their long-sensed immortality.

Today we can kill in the millions, tomorrow,
in the billions-- and all that creation has
brought us to over such a long, long time
is for nought. Will God one day grow tired
and finally say, 'Enough!'....

© 2017 Nolo Segundo

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Added on May 8, 2017
Last Updated on May 8, 2017


Nolo Segundo
Nolo Segundo

Philadelphia, PA

From adolescence until I was 24, I was an agnostic. Then I almost drowned, and had what has come to be called a near death experience. So for the past 45 years I've known that the problem with life i.. more..