To The Materialists, Atheists, and Existentialists

To The Materialists, Atheists, and Existentialists

A Poem by Nolo Segundo

Our so-called modern world is becoming, I believe, increasingly secular, rooted only in what can be measured and observed. Yet that which really matters lies beyond the senses....

You would turn us all into puppets,
lacking the will to act, feel, believe,
making us into robots of flesh, subject
like slaves to genes and environment,
just the end result of evolution's eons.

Marx said money pulled us down and
Freud made the unconscious a power,
while Sartre told us, nothing exists
beyond your pulse & when that stops
at your last heartbeat, you are nothing.

But they are fools, blind and deaf, who
will not, cannot see the endless mixing
of the Divine with the mundane nor feel
the currents of the Great Mystery as it
swirls in turbulence through every life.

© 2017 Nolo Segundo

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Added on May 27, 2017
Last Updated on May 27, 2017


Nolo Segundo
Nolo Segundo

Philadelphia, PA

From adolescence until I was 24, I was an agnostic. Then I almost drowned, and had what has come to be called a near death experience. So for the past 45 years I've known that the problem with life i.. more..