My Friend

My Friend

A Poem by Norbanus

Acknowledgment to one I love and trust.


My Friend


Fear not that I could leave you all alone
to grope and stumble in the cold of night.
Your hopes and dreams are all to me unknown
except to know I trust your faith and sight.

But if you tire somewhere upon your climb.
I'll bear you up and share in your distress.
Then we'll continue past the bounds of time.
Your mission to delight has met success.

You helped me through my problems when they rose.
With all the love you brought, you made me smile.
For you have nurtured all that's best in me,
and shared your wondrous light with me awhile.

Though we see different visions through life's fog,

you are my friend, not just another dog



© 2017 Norbanus

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I have no voice is in my awe!! Well done!

(I just can't help but notice the fact that "rose" is trying to rhyme with "me".....what happened there? Doesn't take that much away from the poem, but having presented this really carefully as a sonnet, it does come off as a bit awkward).

Posted 5 Days Ago


5 Days Ago

Thanks for catching that for me. I must have been asleep at the switch. (or petting my dog.)
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Man's best friend without a shadow of a doubt.
Nicely penned

Posted 5 Days Ago


5 Days Ago

Thank you for your kind and generous review, Gee.
I feel exactly the same way about my furry friends! *smile* I love the way your sentiments are unique & a little bit cerebral, rather than the usual mindless pet gushing (like I do!) *wink! wink!* Fondly, Margie

Posted 1 Week Ago


6 Days Ago

My little friend has had a rough life, with lots of health problems. We can only hope that we have m.. read more
These canine's are great at training their human 'masters'. They watch us all day and they know what makes us happy and sad. They are so smart.

Posted 6 Months Ago

Hello, Norbanus ! :)
This is a lovely sonnet for your strange looking dog. I had a dog. She died. We had a good time.

Posted 6 Months Ago

A friend is the world's hidden treasure
This is a lovely tribute to that

I loved every line

Posted 6 Months Ago


6 Months Ago

That you for reading and commenting on my little verse, Solo.
I noticed the picture but didn't make the connection until the end. I like the 10 syllable line-up.

A dog is the best companion a man/woman can have. This is a great tribute to him.

Posted 6 Months Ago

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A Poem by Norbanus

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