A Story by Natasha Reams

I finally found the courage to write this. Details are fuzzy for me now, so this may not be exactly how it happened, but this is how my heart told me to write it.

I sat holding his hand, clutching it with both of my small ones. On the other side of the bed my parents stood hugging each other, their faces grim. My mind felt clouded, like I was in a dream. A man entered the hospital room wearing a white coat. He drew my parents aside and whispered a few words to them. I didn't hear it when their breath caught and they started silently sobbing. All my attention was on his face. His beautiful face with his bright blue eyes and sandy blonde hair. He was a bit chubby now... when had that happened? Why was I just noticing this now?
My heart constricted in my throat as he tilted his head towards me a smiled weakly. "I love you," He whispered, gasping for enough breath to do so.
I opened my mouth to speak but no words came. All I could do was nod.
I love you too. I cried out inside. Don't leave me!
"Sweetheart," My father's voice broke as he spoke. "Honey, it's time for you to go."
I looked up in surprise. Why was she here? She'd been babysitting me a lot over the past year, but why was she here now?
My mother's quiet voice drew my attention to her. "Sweety, you need to go with her now."
"Why?" I heard myself respond, though it didn't feel like I'd spoken. "I want to stay."
She shook her head and gently pulled me away from the bed. "Come on. You need to go home."
"No!" I cried. I struggled against her, trying to fight my way back to the bed. To those eyes that were watching me so sadly. Don't make me leave! Let me stay!
I was carried out of the room, tears streaking down my face. His hand lifted up to wave goodbye weakly. It's not goodbye, I told myself. I'm not leaving you!
Before I knew it I was in my babysitter's car, speeding away from the large white building where my parents remained. I sat silently, focusing on deep breathes so that I'd stop crying. The ride home was long, longer than it should have been. When I noticed the familiar sight of the road leading into town I turned to My babysitter desperately.
"I want to go back," I demanded. "I want to go see him again."
She refused to look me in the eye as she spoke in a deadpan voice, "He's already gone by now."
No, I stared at her. No, no, no. Gone. You mean he's... He's....
I bawled like a baby for hours after that. My insides felt crushed and I couldn't breathe. My babysitter tried everything to get me to stop, but I just sat on her couch unable to move. He can't be gone, I thought frantically. No, no, no. He'll come home with my parents. He's not gone! No! Every part of my body ached. I wanted to run the eighty miles back to him. I wanted to squeeze his hands and make him stay with me. My heart thudded loudly in my ears but I swear I heard it shattering.
I don't know how long I stayed on the couch. After a while the tears stopped, but my body still shook with sobs. Eventually, there was a knock on the door. When my babysitter answered it I heard my parents' hushed voices.
"Where is he?" I shouted, leaping up from the couch and running to the door. "Take me back to him!"
My mom's whole body was shaking, her eyes red and puffy. So were my dad's as he knelt in front of me and hugged me fiercely.
"I'm so sorry, baby girl," He whispered in my ear.
Everything was numb suddenly. I stared from him to my mom, my brain refusing to think the words. Something wet slide down my cheek. I reached up and touched the teardrop as it slide past my nose. Why was I crying? He'd be alright. He was alright. He'll walk in any moment now!
The seconds ticked by.
My hands shook as I pushed away from my dad. "Why wasn't I there?" I shouted.
Stunned, my parents didn't speak.
I glared at them both, "I should've been there! I should've stayed with him! Why did I have to leave? He wanted me to stay!"
"Sweety..." My mom started meekly. "We just... We just didn't want you to watch it happen."
The tears I shed then were hot, angry tears. I couldn't speak anymore. All I could do was collapse to the floor and curl into a ball of my own grief. It was more than aching now. My body blazed with the need for his touch; for his warm hands covering my tiny cold ones. How could he be gone? Where had all that warmth gone to? Where had my shield and strength gone?
Why was my brother dead?

© 2015 Natasha Reams

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Thank you for waiting awhile to let the reader know it was the main characters brother! I think you can add so much more to this to thicken it up. Nice start!

Posted 3 Years Ago

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Added on September 2, 2015
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