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           Vharri flew swiftly to Krota’s home cave. Her sharp teeth clenched tightly as she thought about what she had just witnessed. So much for Saiyani being the favorite. The other Elders were already gathered around the central rock that was Krota’s bed. None smiled as Vharri stormed into the moss-covered cave and gave her report. Most of them had guessed Saiyani was to blame for the flurry of snow that had sent most of the Vis into a panic. All but one, however, was surprised to hear of her departure with a Vech.

           Krota looked gravely around the fifteen Elders, “We have failed to protect her. It is in her hands now.”

           “Protect her?” Vharri hissed. “She has betrayed us and left with those aliens! Why were we ever protecting her?”

           “Calm yourself,” Another Elder chastised her. “You are the newest to join us and have not heard the whole story.”

           Vharri inhaled deeply and let it out with a low hiss. Actively trying to remain calm, she listened as Krota told all the Elders what she knew.

           “Saiyani’s vision came after one of my own. I saw her locked in a battle with something dark and evil. Their battle raged and raged, destroying everything around it. When the dust finally settled I saw Saiyani broken and defeated. At the first deliberation I mentioned this to only a few of you and we agreed that Saiyani should not leave Yievis to pursue her vision.

           “And now, while we were deliberating on who should go in her stead, she has gone off on her own. Not only does this put her in great danger, but those around her as well.”

           The Elders were silent, each trying to think of some solution to this problem. Vharri looked into Krota’s eyes though knowing there was no hope. Krota’s visions of destiny were never wrong.

           Suddenly Krota gasped as her eyes went white and her gaze distant. A hush fell as everyone waited for her vision to end. Krota was one of the few Vis known to be able to have waking visions. As quickly as it had come the vision was gone and the Elder was left breathless. She closed her eyes in concentration looking pained. Erag, one of the most respected Elders, hurried forward to steady her before she could fall.

           “N-no,” Krota breathed. “Sai… Saiyani can… Survive….”

           With those words she slipped out of consciousness. Vharri gaped realizing what this was: the Hibernation. It was rare for it to happen to any except Elders at the end of their lives. Hibernation was a deep, death-like sleep meant to give the Vis multiple visions and insight into them. It was known to go on for a century at least, or until the Vis died in their sleep. With Krota already so old this could mean the end of her life.

           Vharri’s thoughts became a whirlwind centered on one Vis. Saiyani had caused this. Even without knowing it she had brought death and destruction! There had always been rumors that she would be like the other cold Vis with death visions….

           Erag lifted Krota’s limp form and placed her gently on her rock. Her once shining scales had dulled with age, now with no vibrancy at all. With the Elders gathered around her in a circle it was like she was already dead.

           “She said Saiyani could survive,” One of them spoke up. “She must have seen a second destiny for the youngling.”

           “Let me bring her back,” Vharri offered immediately. “Have her answer for her rebellion and no battle will have to take place!”

           Erag sighed, “It is not that simple. The darkness Saiyani saw was very real. It would take a united galaxy to stop it without her.”

           Vharri’s closest friend among the Elders, Shirae, lifted her head. “I agree with Vharri. We cannot let Saiyani wander freely. She must be punished.”

           Erag was quiet as he thought. “We will not let her just go. However, we will wait until after her encounter with the source of the darkness. Vharri could go and watch over her from a distance, and then bring her back when the threat is gone.”

           Murmurs of agreement echoed through the cave. Vharri did not like it though. If Saiyani was clever enough to leave Yievis without the Elders knowing then she would be able to escape a late capture. They were only giving her a chance to grow more rebellious.

           “It seems we are agreed,” Vharri sighed when no one openly rejected the idea. “Very well. I would like to leave immediately before she goes too far.”

           Erag nodded, “Just remember you are to follow at a distance. We will expect regular reports from you on her doings.”

           Once Vharri consented she was told of a ship being prepared for her. It had been meant as the vessel to take the chosen Vis to face the darkness. Now its purpose was purely passive. With at least two days wait, Vharri spent her time meditating in her cave and imagining her eventual capture of Saiyani.


           Calan sat on his bunk adjusting the strap of his wrist blade. When he finished he turned to the wall next to his bunk and made the thirtieth scratch on its surface. Another mission completed smoothly. His master, Vork, would be pleased. Suddenly the beeper on Calan’s collar began going off. Five sharp blasts right in his long, pointed ears and then it was gone. Vork was calling him; hopefully he was in a good mood. That was wishful thinking, though, as no Kies was ever in a good mood.

           With a sigh Calan stood and checked himself in the mirror on his locker. The black uniform of an assassin looked well on him. It was built for maximum stealth right down to its color. Black complimented the grey skin of the Vasnovas perfectly. Combine that with the tight, energy blast-resistant material and the hooded mask that hid even the eyes from sight, there was no way for any being to see a Vasnova assassin coming. Only the few Vechs with their cybernetic eyes would have a chance at detecting one.

           Satisfied that his uniform was up to standard, Calan left the barracks of the Kies flagship: Black Hole. He walked confidently through the halls to the private quarters of his Kies master. The room was dark when he first entered, allowing him to use the Vasnova’s natural ability to see through darkness. Vork stood with his back to the door as he stared out the wide window.

           Like all Kies Vork was massive and intimidating. Compared to the Vasnova, who were only a little shorter than the Nacrians and Skandians, Kies stood a full two heads taller. They wore simple sashes signifying their position in their clan over their bare chests. As commander of the Black Hole, Vork wore a dark red sash. The lower half of their body was covered in thick short fur ending where their hooves began. On their heads Kies had varying sizes and shapes of horns; Vork’s horns were large and curled inward like a spiral. At their base his harder-than-metal horns were tinted grey to match his fur.

           The door to the room slid shut behind Calan and Vork finally spoke in his low grunt of a voice.

           “You disappoint, assassin.”

           It took all of Calan’s resolve not to show his anger. Any form of disobedience was dealt with harshly.

           Vork turned to face him with his beady red eyes. “You failed your last mission. Explain.”

           Keeping his head down Calan responded quietly to hide his emotions. “I do not understand, Master. I destroyed the shuttle with the captain on it. He should be dead.”

           Vork slammed his large fist onto his desk, “If that Vech were dead why would I call you here? Now explain exactly what you did!”

           “The ship was surveying one of the Fringe planets,” Calan spoke in monotone. “They were moving fast, so I sent out a fake distress signal near some rock of a planet. I waited until they sent a shuttle to investigate and then attacked when it was out of range. I watched it take irreparable damage and crash onto the rock planet. When I made a sweep over the crash site I detected no Vech life signs.”

           Vork glared at me, “What planet did he crash on?”

           Calan lifted his wrist and activated his holographic galaxy map. A glowing sphere full of millions of stars appeared in the dark room. He adjusted the zoom until it focused on a small planet in what was called the Fringe: the edge of the galaxy. He gave a quick report to Vork about the planet’s size, atmosphere, and environment.

           “According to the records it’s called Yievis. Once thought to be the homeworld of the ancient Vis race, but that was never confirmed.”

           “Hmph,” Vork grunted. “Perhaps it just has. Send a recon team to investigate the planet. Make no contact with any lifeforms, just confirm whether there are any there or not.”

            Calan stood up straight and nodded. He thought he was going to be dismissed but Vork continued with his orders.

            “And you are going to finish off Captain Jace Ceroe. This time do not return without his body to show for it. Understood?”

           Calan saluted grimly, “Yes, Master.”

           “Good. Now get out of my sight.”

           As Calan hurried from the room he gingerly touched the collar around his neck. It was lightweight so as not to limit his movements, but it could easily produce enough electricity to kill two Kies in seconds. They were put on all Vasnova at birth as a means of control. When a Vasnova becomes an adult they are assigned to a Kies master and the collar is adjusted so that only the master can control it. Most Kies enjoyed torturing their slaves by shocking them with the collars. Calan considered himself lucky that Vork had not seemed to be in the mood for torture.

           Pushing aside such unnecessary thoughts Calan hurried back to the barracks. There he packed a bag with the supplies needed for this mission. If all went well he would not be gone more than a week. Otherwise he likely wouldn’t see his bunk for a long time. With no friends among the other slaves to say goodbye too, Calan left silently to the hangar of the Black Hole.

           There his own ship awaited him. It was a small vessel meant to be manned by only two or three people. Calan was the only one on this particular mission, though, as he was on most. The ship was built for speed as well as avoiding detection. No other slave had ever been given command of his own ship. It was the greatest of honors for a Vasnova to be so well regarded by his or her master. Of course, should this mission fail it would be better for Calan to die in battle. He had seen firsthand how the Kies handled incompetent slaves.

           While Calan boarded the ship he noticed several repair bots exiting rather quickly. Few others might count that as strange, but Calan knew his master well. Somewhere on his ship was now a tracking and listening device. Everything aboard would be heavily monitored, not to mention what spies the Kies had planted across the galaxy. There would be no room for mistakes. Only through success could he maintain his reputation as the deadliest and most elite Vasnova assassin.

© 2017 Natasha Reams

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