A secret lover's letter

A secret lover's letter

A Poem by Brigg Aries

To the girl who captured my heart

Hey! honestly I didn't know what came into my mind that I wrote this. I even have no ideas what words to write. I just want to say that you're special to me. I just can't say it to you in person because i don't want to break the very good friendship that we have. Girl, we've been through thick and thin, we've hurdled the same path, we've been to each others joys and cries. As I was knowing you deeper I can't help myself but to fall in love by who you really are. I tried to hide it to everyone as far as I could and I believe I did it well. Honestly it hurts me when you share something about your crushes because I can't do anything but to accept those words of admiration coming out from your mouth and pretend to be so supportive. I hid them with a smile just for you not to notice how jealous I am to them and as we walk and continue the talk, how I wish in my mind that I have the same traits you admire from them, that someday our feelings will get mutual. Every time you say you love me with that friendly smile on your face, I hope it carries the same meaning I have in my heart but I can't respond to your "I love you" because I know it would just hurt me leaving myself hoping you'll read the true meaning between my words. Every moment that our eyes meet for some time, I hope you'd see the love I had for you yet as I look into yours I could see in your pure soul that friendship is the only space in your heart where I could fill in. Forgive me if I fell in love with you, It's just that you're very easy to love if you only knew. 

I know, as the smoke cannot be hidden, secrets will be revealed. There would be a time that this letter come to you and if that time comes, I hope that as you read every word, you'll  fell the same way I have felt as I wrote them down and by that you'll know who I am.

© 2017 Brigg Aries

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I miss the days of letters. When I was in the Army in the seventies. I received 10 letters weekly. I kept them. Today those letter hold great value. Father, grandmother and old lover. Their letters can be read and we can know. We knew good people and love once. I enjoyed the letter. Need more letter writers. Thank you Brigg for sharing the amazing letters.

Posted 9 Months Ago

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Added on June 20, 2017
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Brigg Aries
Brigg Aries


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