Could've been

Could've been

A Story by Brigg Aries

We really wont appreciate how valuable time is until it's already too late.


It is another Sunday golden morning. I am in my table having my morning coffee. I felt the warmth running in my chest as I had my first zip. It reminds me of the warmth of your hands as they hold mine. It reminds me of the dream I had last night. I was driving along the high way under the dark grey sky and you sitting at the passenger's seat with your black and silver gown. We are headed to our alumni homecoming dance ball. I can see the excitement in your eyes and I think I am much more excited to be in the ball with you as my date. A little while and now were here. I parked the car then you said "let's go" with some nervous tone in your voice. You wrapped your arm around mine as we walk through the hall. All eyes are on us. I think they can’t believe that I'm your man. After few minutes, your best friend called you and by then you went with her.  Me left alone roam around to find my friends or I would like to call brothers. We had many stories to tell about what had happened for the last ten years with some shots of whiskey. The balladeers started the tune. I had this one last shot and looked over my shoulder. I saw you in the middle of the crowd looking at me. You are so beautiful. Everything around started to move in slow motion as I walk my way towards you. Your face glows with that beautiful smile you have. I felt the warmth of your hand as I hold them then a warmer feeling when your body went closer towards mine. You wrapped your arms around my neck then I placed my hands in your waist. I looked straight into your eyes. "Why are you looking at me like that?" you asked me softly. "You're just so beautiful. I can’t believe you're mine tonight" Then slowly your face went closer to mine. The tip of our nose touched.I can feel the air you breathe slowly. Then it happened, you kissed my lips. My world stopped that very moment. That was the very first time you kissed my lips. Then our eyes meet again "I'm yours. I will stay with you, there in your heart, forever and you are to mine" Then something strange happened. I was blinded by a bright light. I saw the curtain at the half-opened window dancing with the wind. I was in my table having my morning coffee. I was dreaming the dream I had last night. I finished my coffee and headed towards the porch. My sight went far beyond the horizon. Pictures of you flooded my mind. I took a deep breath "If I could've only told you I love you I wont just be dreaming at all"

We really wont appreciate how valuable time is until it's already too late. When it's too late you'll start to regret the choices you never made, the words that was never spoken and the chances you had never taken. Just like for me now, these words will just continue to run in my mind: "It could've been so beautiful, could've been so right. My dreams could've been so true if I could've only told you"

© 2017 Brigg Aries

Author's Note

Brigg Aries
honestly I really dont know if its a story haha

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Added on September 26, 2017
Last Updated on September 26, 2017


Brigg Aries
Brigg Aries


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