Him (a prompt)

Him (a prompt)

A Story by Brie

This is a story prompt in which I created, hoping I could turn it into something. I'm not so sure about it, but I guess it would be nice to share.


“I’ve always been the same.”

No, this time it was different. Now, his eyes burned an icy blue fire, and his hair singed a bright ebony that curled behind his ears in wild tufts. His personality wasn't much different from that of his eyes, an intimidating, cold blaze. And his thoughts matched his hair: unexplained, mysterious, and unkempt.
He was a brave man who stood up for what he believed with an incredible determination, and could never come close to dreaming about harming a fly. All good comes to an end, which I understand happens often in life, but seems as if someone flipped a switch in his head that caused him to think that trouble was most important thing, or maybe the only thing, he could pursue. He'd rather go mouth off the cops, or set firecrackers off inside the supermarket, than to spend time with his family, or anyone, or anything else that truly matters- even in the slightest.
     The sweeter-than-sugar boy who would have given his life for you, was now frozen into a time of regret he would not ever agree to admitting. He turned into nothing more than a brick wall, guarded by secure thoughts of no feeling. Now, I feel as if I couldn't have saved him, no matter how hard I tried.


© 2017 Brie

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The ending just makes you feel like you are in this story. I really enjoyed reading this. Good job.

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Added on November 3, 2017
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