Expressing our Emotions.

Expressing our Emotions.

A Poem by Dawn

emotions need to be expressed or you will become stunted and ill.

Is,  being human all about pretending.

And making out,
all things are great
with you, when in fact it's not?

Or, not showing true emotion, and
when you do show your emotions, it's
the only happy content face.
Being allowed.
to show.

And you're Not allowed, 
to be miserable or sad
let alone upset.

As someone might
or God forbid
feel uncomfortable 
your sad emotions or tears.

How crazy is that?

A society,
you have to pretend 
all things to you,
are wonderful
and great,

when in reality 
you are maybe feeling
 s**t-scared upset.
devastated over someone
,grieving whatever
whatever the
reason is.

But oh, no you can not show it.

It's embarrassing to someone
 or to yourself, 
more so
balls - to that rubbish. 

We are all just human beings 
and have raw emotions
feelings, and should be
 to express, say,
show, exhibitions them.

When we need to,  
help, comfort,
love, affection or
understanding from others
or to  understand even 
ourselves better
 in general by expressing
our emotions properly outwardly.

And not keeping them locked and
hidden inside us forever.
And just getting sicker, depressed,
anxious, angry, sad, whatever
emotion affects you, 

when you feel, trapped, stuck,
depressed, numb, fearful
so many emotions
when  your upsets way deep inside
yourself using drugs, drink, sex,
violence, whatever as your crutch
to hide them inside from
yourself and others around you.

Let it out and have a good cry,
Unburden yourself. 
Feel your
own real feelings, 
own them, they are 
yours, you are worth it.

Express yourself
 be you, for you,
and be free 
from hiding.

Your real emotions inside you.
Like a jailer with a key.

And feel better for letting
your pain, hurts, needs, out.
Whatever the case maybe
you need or desire, want
or crave.

Set yourself free, for a new
happier, contented you 
long term.

© 2018 Dawn

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beautifully and articulately expressed, the beauty of the scream, if you should find someone who is just willing to listen and not try to tell you "what is wrong" with you, that is a blessing in itself. ps, if you do find them i'd like to have their number please :)

Posted 5 Months Ago


5 Months Ago

Thanks corset, I know what you mean, point being express yourself on here your writing, get help and.. read more

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Added on December 7, 2018
Last Updated on December 14, 2018
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