The Flowers Will Die Soon Enough

The Flowers Will Die Soon Enough

A Poem by thelux

Hello again! I haven't been on much lately, but now that I'm back, I have deleted all of my previous works because I hate the gloomy tone. Here's one of my sister's favorites. Cheers to a fresh start.

Everything is about nature
At least, everything that get's recognized
Everything that's held in the hands of publishers
That people can't clap enough for
Made it to front cover
Written in big fat print
Go outside and write about a daisy
With its simplistic white petals and yellow core
Write about the bee that landed on its stem
With stripes in shades of "coal" and "lion's fur"
Every word must be about the mountains' looming heights or the shades of the sunset
What about the sounds?
What about the feelings?
What about the scents?
The emotions?
The tastes?
What about...
The mind?
Oh, there are so many things to write about yet no one writes about the mind!
What a shame.
What no one realizes, or at least, doesn't want to realize
Is that the flowers will drop when winter comes along
The bees will be gone as well after their first victim
The grass' green will dull as soon as the snow starts to fall
And the sun will be out of sight once the moon is shining
But the mind is up and running
Mine runs so fast, I can't keep up
The mind is always thinking
Even at 3:30 AM
With a disintegrating journal
A pen nearly out of ink
Heavy eyes
And an idea as bright as the glow from the lamp light

© 2015 thelux

Author's Note

In my opinion, the style is a little bit similar to the work style of a kid's, which bothers me some, but it was the only way I could think to word it. Also, please ignore the way I ramble on in some parts, and then produce a long line afterwards. Criticism appreciated :)

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Added on July 31, 2015
Last Updated on July 31, 2015
Tags: nature, emotions, feelings



Spring, TX

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A Poem by thelux