I'll Dream Until The Sounds of Mops Bring Me Back To Reality

I'll Dream Until The Sounds of Mops Bring Me Back To Reality

A Poem by thelux

Well, this poem is written about what might have been the craziest and longest dream I've ever had

Houses made of clay
Lonely neighbors won't faze us
Our bodies are still filled with animation 
What a wonderful vacation
But the boredom is getting to me
A night on the town should clean up my attitude
I'm looking for an easy way out 
Any "NEED HELP" signs and I'd be glad
But there weren't ay and now I've gone mad
For miles and miles, there was nothing that I liked
Out of the corner of my eye, I saw something I hated even more
People filtered in and out
As if there was a sale on water during a drought
My heart dropped when I heard shouts
But I was dragged into it
And I was scared for more my life
But I knew I was smarter than I thought
Yet while I was just going to let my brain rot
And I was going to have fun with it
I rejected opportunities even when I knew I wanted them 
without notice, I was a completely different person
I was fearless, I didn't care
Laughing into the fire as if it was air
What should've been a nightmare
What would've been the end of me
Turned out to be amazing
I never expected to have fun with the brain dead 

© 2015 thelux

Author's Note

It's quite nonsensical and the conjunctions are a bit repetitive in my opinion, but then again, it was about a dream. Also, the rhyming scheme I had started off with went astray near the ending, which is common of me and might happen in future poems, considering I'm not a big fan of them.

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Added on August 5, 2015
Last Updated on August 5, 2015
Tags: nightmare, scary, horror, dream, sleeping, reality



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A Poem by thelux