That town...

That town...

A Story by Moper

I was once told of a place that was struggling, but, no doubt, peaceful. It was a town where rain never stops falling. At first, nobody minded it as rain is a natural phenomenon; but, it just continued on for days. At some point, the people started to realize that it won’t go away. People from this town started to try and find out why that’s the case, not because that it’s inconvenient which it is to some, but they’re curious. Their explanations range from scientific to religious but what we’re all sure about is that nobody has any evidence to prove any of their hypothesis or theories.

That said, if there was any significant discovery with all those research, it’s that the constant rainwater is clean. Too clean. It’s like it was taken from some holy river or ocean. It doesn’t heal anybody when drank, no need to be ridiculous, it’s just that in a time where nothing is free anymore, one of the very basic necessity for people to live is being given free-of-charge.

In just a couple of years, this small town had become different. Nobody knew of it before, just a small desolate town in the middle of a forest. Now people come and go the place like it’s some kind of tourist spot. At first, the town had no way of dealing with the amount of tourists that come to it, but the townsfolk started building places that would cater to these tourists. Trees were destroyed to create hotels. Areas of greenery were replaced with industrial infrastructures, malls, buildings and the likes. Most of the beauty that the endless rain amplified in the town was destroyed.

Now it’s just a shell of what it once was.

If one would find an analogy to it, a good one would be that it’s a car where you replace all of its parts and still call it the same name before.

The town is still beautiful. People are still happy with it. One can make that judgment by just looking at the smiles of the people living in it. It could have been brighter than the smiles they have put on when they were still living alone and struggling in their town.

I loved this town.

I loved watching over it.

It was a peaceful place.

It struggled from time to time because of its location but it was peaceful and beautiful compared to the world outside.

Call me a neophobe but I’ve seen this before a thousand times already. I’ve seen what happens when people of different race and culture come together at a new territory.

A small and desolate town. A couple thousand people living in it. Endless free clean rainwater.

I frown at the thought and flick my finger.

In an instant, the whole town is deleted. The people living in the place transported to some other place, given some other name and some other life. The memories of people who visited the place are replaced with false ones.

If you ask me why I did that, it’s probably because I didn’t want to see how ugly it would become thereafter.

The outside might not be the best place right now, but at least it’s close to peaceful.

‘If you can do so much, why can’t you just change the whole world or the outcome?’ A question from no one.

“Yeah. I wonder why I just didn’t do that.” I mutter with a sigh and start walking away.

© 2016 Moper

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Yet another great piece. I'm a huge anime fan, so these all appeal to me very well. I just got finished binge reading all your content, and I look forward to the days in which you write more. I read your stories and instantly just feel good about everything.

Posted 2 Years Ago


2 Years Ago

Thank you very much. I appreciate you reading them all. Reading all your reviews, it made my day. I'.. read more

2 Years Ago

I have a hard time believing that you can disappoint. ;)

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Added on October 15, 2016
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Just trying my best to write decent short stories... May suddenly just go on hiatus. Life tends to be busy. Can be depressing... more..

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A Story by Moper