A certain dream

A certain dream

A Story by Moper

A fanfic I wrote for Shiomiya Shiori from The World God Only Knows... **character used belongs to its respective owners


“Honey…” I knocked lightly on the door.

“Honey. I’m sorry. Please open the door.” I continued with a gentle tone.

I hear the door click and see the doorknob turn. A girl, few inches smaller than me with a petite body, comes out. Her dark straight hair flows smoothly until her shoulders and has two small pink ribbons on each side. She has light tanned skin with light grey eyes which is really beautiful but are looking at me with displeasure.

“mmmm.. What do you want?” She asked me, avoiding my eyes. The dissatisfaction in her voice, noticeable.

“ahh… you know… you see…” Distracted from her tone, I stammer and fail to create any coherent sentences.

She looks at me as I do so, crossing her arms.

Man, I’m pathetic. I know what I want to say, but it’s just a little difficult. We rarely have disagreements like this and I know how to fix them most of the time. I’m at fault here, so I would have to man up and try to apologize to her. Not through words, but through action.

“Want to go out?” I asked her.

“No.” She quickly replied. A flat, disappointed tone in her voice.

“Okay. Now get dr-….. What?”

I was sure she’d accept so I was already prepared with what I would say next. I can’t believe she said no.

Her eyes squint as she hears what I said.

“See! You don’t understand, you big idiot!” She said, closing the door as she does so.

The door slams in front of me and I hear the sound of a lock being placed.

Shocked, I can only stand in front of the door for a few minutes.

What the heck is wrong with me!?

I’m supposed to actually say the important words first.

A couple minutes after, I knocked gently on the door again.

“H-honey. Look. I’m sorry. You see. I’m just…” I take a deep breath and ready myself with what I’m about to say.

“I didn’t mean to neglect you like that. It’s my fault. I know it is. For a stupid damn reason like talking with my friends. It’s not right of me to do that. I understand how you feel, I think. I get to talk to them lots at work, why do I still have to do that when I get home, right? I don’t really have any excuse. It’s a fact.”

My chest feels heavy as I wait for a response.


It was quiet and fragile, coming at the bottom half of the door.

A sound of agreement. I can imagine her sitting with her back pressed on the door while clutching her knees as she nods slightly.

I kneel down and hold the door, imagining that I’m putting a hand behind her back.

“I-I’m really sorry. I didn’t really mean to do that.” I said, looking away from the door. Embarrassed.

Even if she can’t see me, a very genuine apology has always been my weakness. I just can’t say it straight. I always stammer when I do.

I wait for a minute or two and hear a rustle behind the door and just like a while ago, I hear a lock click and see the doorknob turn.

I stand up as the door opens.

“Shiori.” I call out her name.

I’ve always loved calling her name. Honey is well, a placeholder of some sort. When we’re intimate, I usually just use her name.

Her eyes that held disappointment and dissatisfaction a while ago was more of a façade. It was more of a front to hide what she really felt. Right now, her eyes are red as she looks at me with tears.  That said, I’m sure what she showed a while ago are her true feelings as well but behind it all, she was just masking how hurt she was with what I did and I don’t blame her for that. It’s my own stupidity that did this. My own fault.

Those eyes don’t lie. They’re usually sincere and kind. Curious and intelligent. But, right now, they’re sad and in pain. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from watching and reading all those romance-related movies and novels is that it’s an unforgivable thing to make your woman cry. It makes me want to punch myself or bang my head on the wall knowing that it’s all my fault. That I didn’t take it seriously a while ago.

“Shiori.” I call her name again as I move closer to her.

I didn’t really notice a while ago but she’s wearing her casual clothes of white shirt over a beige sweater. The ends of the sweater is a little wet as she probably used it to wipe her tears before opening the door just a minute ago. She’s also wearing a skirt that goes above her knees with black knee-length tights under it.

She always look pretty with it.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe she always looks pretty and cute with whatever she wears.

I reach out to her and wipe her tears.

I wouldn’t completely say that she wasn’t really like this before. I’ve always thought that even with her quiet demeanor, she’s strong-willed and capable. When I got to know her more, I learned that I’m right, even if it’s just to some extent. It’s just that I sometimes forget that she may be strong-willed but she’s still a girl. She’s my wife and she deserves my full attention when I’m with her.

I hold her cheek and stare at her face.

She so cute, even her crying face.

She smells of strawberries as well.

“D-don’t stare at me for so long…” She said, trying to look away from me.

I smile at her gesture.

Futile, my love. I have the hand for comfort and insurance. Her cheek is smooth to the touch, although a little wet.

“What are you smiling at? Did you remember something a friend of yours said before?” She asked, biting her lower lip as she say it and breaking eye contact.

My smile was replaced with a frown with what she said.

Yeah. I deserved that.

“No.” I denied, leveling with her. Making eye contact once again.

“I-I’m really sorry, Shiori.” I apologized another time, my hand not leaving her cheek. “And no. I didn’t recall anything regarding my friends. All I can think about right now is making you smile again. I’m devastated to see you like this.” I continued.

I’ve always loved seeing her smile. It’s so calming to see the girl you love happy and smiling.

Then why did you make her sad?

What the hell is wrong with you?

I thought that was what you live for. What you vowed for. To make her happy with all you got

“It’s your fault I’m like this, you know?” She said quietly, validating what I’ve done.

“Yeah.” I replied.

I can’t really say anything but confirm her words. It pains me but it’s the truth.

“Is the things you talk about with your friends really that important that you need to still talk about it once you get home?” She asked, teary-eyed.

“No. It’s all stupid conversations.” I told her, ashamed.

I’m the one to break eye-contact this time.

“Then why do you prioritize talking with them?” She asked, holding onto my wrist.

“I-It’s not li….” I stopped myself.

What am I about to say?

Stop the stupid s**t, me.

It’s clear that that has been the case for a few days now.

I looked her back in the eye and see her staring at me. A hint of disappointment in her eyes and a frown on her lips.

There’s really no escaping the truth, huh?

“I can’t really make any excuses for myself. It’s the truth. I’ve been neglecting you for a while and I’m really, really s-sorry for that.” I apologized, looking her straight in the eyes.

“I really hope you can forgive me, but I don’t think just a simple apology would cut it. I was stupid and I want to make it up to you. I’ll do anything. Just tell me.” I stated, removing my hand on her cheek and moving it to her shoulders.

She hangs her head. Her forelocks blocking her eyes and expression.

I’m quite nervous of how this would turn out. I’m not really sure how to make up for it, so I said the most cliché thing which is the first thing that came to my mind.

Pathetic as one might think it be, I’d probably do whatever she tells me anyways. As long as we don’t go bankrupt from it.

“uhmm…” I hear her speak, breaking my line of thought.

“f-for now… can we go to the couch.” She asked, looking at me. Her eyes looked at me as if pleading.

Huh? That’s out of nowhere.

“O-okay?” Unsure, I just agreed with her. Leading her to the couch by the hand.

The house isn’t really anything special. One story with a living room, 3 rooms, one master and 2 extra, a kitchen and a bathroom. The living room has a couple of big shelves made of wood containing books, hardbound and softbound. There’s also a mini shelf in our room containing more books. The house kind of looks like a mini library in my opinion. It doesn’t look bad but that said, as there are 2 unoccupied room, it feels kind of desolate when it’s just the two of us, what more when I’m at work, she’s alone here. With that in mind, I should really be entertaining her when I’m at home, not neglecting her.

Man. What is wrong with me?

The couch is soft and comfortable to sit on and has various small square pillows with cute animal portraits on it. Beside it is a small table with a simple white lampshade on it.

As we sat on the couch, I stare and wait for her to say something.

Still holding her hand, she stares back at me with a blush on her face.

I don’t feel any bad atmosphere around her anymore. If that’s the case, I wonder what’s up. I think I’m somehow in the clear now. I love seeing her acting shy and embarrassed like this though.

“A-anything, r-right?” She asked with a small voice.

This feels like when we first met. The way her voice is small and quiet. The way she stutters.

“Y-yeah.” I replied, stammering.

I wonder what she’ll ask for that we need to go and sit down.

“T-then… could you h-hold me?” She quietly asked. A blush on her face as she looks away from me.



H-hold her?

I scratch my cheek and let out an embarrassed laugh as I feel my face heating up from what she said.

Thinking about it, that’s not really too hard to do. That said, I feel embarrassed being asked to do that.

Still looking away, she glances at me for a moment, probably looking at my reaction, then glances away again before I probably would notice it.

I noticed it though.

“uh… y-yeah… sure… o-okay…” A little hesitant, I agreed.

I’m not really sure how to do this as whenever we do hold each other, it just feels natural. It’s like, I just naturally know how to cuddle and all those sweet stuff. I feel kind of awkward and tense being asked to actually cuddle.

Hesitantly, I move closer to her and put an arm around her. As per the norm, she rests her head on my shoulder and I rest my head over hers and just pat her shoulder for a couple of minutes. I’m not really sure if this is officially “holding” her, but as she doesn’t protest, I think it is.

As the seconds pass by, I feel myself relax. Supporting her weight, I rest my back on the couch and enjoy the serenity in the situation. For the next couple of minutes, it was just calm and quiet between us. It wasn’t anything tense or awkward, maybe at the start, but as she heave steady soft breathes and doesn’t really complain after the first minutes, I get the feeling that I’m off the hook already.

I’m happy about that, the next step is actually making her smile again. That said, I think I understand now why she wanted to do this. It’s calming and reassuring at the same time. Also, supporting her weight, I feel reliable. Even after what I did, I can feel that she relies on me. She trusts me. It’s me that’s failing her. I really shouldn’t neglect her for any stupid reasons. It was so bad and inconsiderate of me. I love her and I want her to be happy. As much as possible, I want to be the reason she smiles not frowns.

“This doesn’t mean you’re off the hook by the way.” She said, not looking my way. Breaking my line of thought.

“haaa?” I let out, surprised by what she said.

Woman! That wasn’t the deal.

“Y-you said anything, r-right?” With unintentional puppy-dog eyes, she looked at me as she said so.


How can you be so cute?

I feel my inner self succumbing to her every moment I stare at her pleading eyes. I then notice the slight redness in it and felt embarrassed.

“I did say anything… I-I guess it’s fine if it’s you.” I said, breathing a sigh. Defeated.

She flashes me a small smile and rests her head back on my shoulder.

She then proceeds to tell me all about her day, yesterday, the day before that. Basically, I was able to hear all about the things she has done the days I neglected her. She’s a housewife so she does everything household related like groceries, laundry and the likes. We agreed that I would be the one working and if she ever wants to work, I’d let her. That said, I did say I want to work for a year with her just minding the house first. I told her my reason is because I want to know if I can actually be able to sustain for us. For now, she accepted and enjoys being at home. She gets to read books on her free time. Her love for those is beyond my comprehension. I do read from time to time, but not as much as her. She even carries around a book when we go out. I asked her one time why she carries one when we’re going on a date. She just replies that if ever I fail and bore her, she’d read it. Surely when I heard that, I did my very best on every date.

She then asked me of my day and how work is.

“Work is the same. Clients here and there. Documents to be signed. It’s really stale and uninteresting.” I told her.

“I see… hmmm…” she seemed hesitant to ask something.

“What’s the matter?” I asked, concerned.

She turned towards me.

“W-what about your friends?” She hesitantly asked.

“Are you still worried about that?” I asked her, raising an eyebrow.

She doesn’t say anything and just nods.

“Why?” I asked her, curious of what she would say.

“I-I like talking with you like this.” She said, her cheeks tinged crimson.

That caught me off guard.

“ahhh… I like talking with you like this as well.” I said, smiling at her to hide the embarrassment. I’m sure I’m blushing as well.

“Don’t worry. I won’t do that again.” I reassured her, kissing her on the head.

“mmm” She nods, a smile on her face.

The minutes trickle by after that with the usual silence and the occasional trivial topics and conversations. We just enjoyed each other’s company and after some time called it a night.

As we laid down on bed, facing each other, about to sleep, she reminded me of my promise.

“You promised, alright?” she said, staring at me.

Awaiting confirmation, she grips the sleeve of my shirt and look me serious in the eye.

“Yeah. I did. I promise I won’t neglect you like that again.” I stated, putting a hand on her cheek and caressing it.

I closed my eyes and get ready to sleep like that when a few moments after she suddenly spoke.

“Don’t forget the other one.” I hear her say.

I open my eyes and see her pouting. A disappointed look in her eyes.

“huh? What other one?” I asked her, a little confused. My hand stopped caressing her cheek.

“Ah. Wait. No. I remember it.” I quickly said, lying before she can speak and removing my hand on her cheek and lifting my index finger a little awkwardly up to our eye level.

I feel cold sweat and try to remember.

As I think a little more, a certain word came up.


We talked about that a while ago as well.

“Ah. Right. Right. Date. Yes. A bookstore and dinner. Maybe even a movie or something of the sort. Whatever you want honey. As long as we don’t go bankrupt.” I told her. An awkward smile on my face.

She chuckles at my reaction.

“Thanks, hon.” She smiled, moving closer and kissing me on the cheek. “Goodnight” she added and retreated to her side of the bed then turned her back on me.

As our usual sleeping position, I move closer to her and hug her from behind.

Her petite body feels so nice to hug. Her warmth. Her scent. Everything about her. It feels like it’s created for me. Although it’s a little delusional to think that, I just can’t help but smile at the thought.

“Goodnight.” I said back, closing my eyes and falling asleep, thinking that being beside her like this is the best feeling in the world.

© 2016 Moper

Author's Note

Any comments would be appreciated.

I think the start is kind of rough...

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Hello. I wrote a full review because I thought you were writing about a real situation, but it appears it's just a fanfic of an anime, so I'll re-review it. So, in my opinion, I don't believe that you're story matches up with Shiori. True, she is shy, a *maiden* or so-to-speak in Japanese culture, pure and inexperienced. However, in your story she is married, I get that. And I don't mean to break it in you, but after marriage and such a long time ( when she is ready for marriage ) her personality changes, and she *grows out* of that maiden stuff. If she was married, she wouldn't have a conversation like this, as she would speak to her husband, like a strangers, because it does seem a lot like they are strangers, instead of a married family. Also, the start isn't really much different from the rest of the story. Even so, I did quite enjoyed seeing how that man reacts to his mistakes, thinks over what he has done, tries fixing it and how he sees his wife. And one more thing, the text about the layout of his house is so completely off-topic and came out of no where, I have no idea why did you put that in there, but I guess you have different preferences. So, I rate this story 64. I did like it, but it had flaws as a fanfic. Don't let the score get you down, I'm just an amateur writing a review for the first time. Good day to you.

Posted 2 Years Ago

This comment has been deleted by the poster.

2 Years Ago

I guess I'm still a little inexperienced about how a married couple interacts with each other, but I.. read more

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Just trying my best to write decent short stories... May suddenly just go on hiatus. Life tends to be busy. Can be depressing... more..

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