A Story by Moper

With uninterested eyes, wearing my school uniform of polo shirt and black pants, I look outside the window by the train.

The world outside looks gloomy and depressing with all the trash and pollution created by men.

I see people, kids even, walking at the street with ripped clothes and unclean body. Some of them probably abandoned. Some probably used by a person better than them. Some could even have been living this life ever since they opened their eyes.

Their world is very different compared to me looking up above them. Clean and of no worries as compared to theirs.

I can’t hear anything from them. Their voices. Their worries. Their cries. They don’t reach me from here. All I can do is gaze upon their sad, pathetic lives.

As I think this, I feel a sudden pain in my chest.

Their lives have worth, you know?

Their lives are as important as yours.

The sudden statements are like poison. It’s spreading to my mind. My thoughts. I feel the impurity of it. Its objective to tarnish and change my pathetic excuse of a brain.

How are you different from them?

You’re just lucky to be dealt with better cards than them.

They can probably do a better job than you if given the chance.

Hitting me with the facts, I feel guilt rising up, clenching the hem of my shirt to hold it down.

I have no special talents. I’m not good in any subjects. I don’t have a lot of friends. All in all, I am nothing more but a mere average person and just like every other ordinary person, I envy the talents of another. The good looks of others. The qualities that I don’t have but they exhibit.

Here you are with your nonsensical blabbering inside your head as you look outside, gazing at them when they are probably doing whatever they can to just be able to live through today and wake up tomorrow.

Do you know the similarities between you and them?

You are both free to envy. To desire. To want anything and everything.

Do you know the difference?

You have a greater chance to strive and achieve what you envy. To gain what you desire. To obtain what you want. As for them… They have their limits. Their boundaries.

People have their place. One should know their standing in the great hierarchy of things. Who best to know it than the ones at the bottom and at the top? At least they know one side of it to a greater extent than anybody else. The one in the middle knows little of both but never enough.

The top that creates the rules. The middle that blindly follows. The low that never understands.

I suddenly hear a robotic voice announce the name of the station I’m going down on, snapping me out of my thoughts.

As the door opens to pave way for the bustling people of the middle class, I slowly wait for the people in front of me to go down. I don’t push anybody but just calmly wait for the crowd to trickle down.

Look at them all. These people are slave to their own works. To their own debts. For a student, to their own ideals. Their lives are nothing more but a constant struggle of wake up, work, get paid, pay, sleep and wake up again.

Have you ever looked at their face?

You have the same one. The same expressions. The same actions. The same reactions.

Your personalities and expressions are a carbon copy of each other.

You live like them.

I frown at the thought and shake the thoughts out but couldn’t.

Feeling troubled, I exit the train and slowly walk steadily and carefully towards home.

© 2016 Moper

Author's Note

I think its a little different from what I usually try and write. Nonetheless, Any comments would be appreciated!

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Very interesting story. It's captivating, and holds the attention. I think my favorite line is: The top that creates the rules. The middle that blindly follows. The low that never understands.

So true, isn't it?
Enjoyed this very much.

Posted 2 Years Ago


2 Years Ago

Yup. I believe that's how it goes for society at the moment.
Thank you!
Nonetheless,it,is,BEautiful!! ME love it! Wow so vivid and touching!

Posted 2 Years Ago


2 Years Ago

Thank you!
I love it. It is simply eloquent yet so philosophical to a point. I like the fact that you continuously stated the main idea through out the entire short story. The stark contrasts you added are fabulous.

Posted 2 Years Ago


2 Years Ago

Thank you!
Loved it, 100%. I like how you can see yourself, criticize yourself, not only looking at others.
Tho the end, I thought you were going to school, not home?

Posted 2 Years Ago


2 Years Ago

I was actually on the way home when I thought of this so I kind of just copied the setting and didn'.. read more
Coffee Unlimited Script

2 Years Ago

Don't believe that's too necessary, since it's not the point of the story.

2 Years Ago

Ah... I see. That makes sense.

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Just trying my best to write decent short stories... May suddenly just go on hiatus. Life tends to be busy. Can be depressing... more..

Dearest Dearest

A Story by Moper

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