-Cherry Colored Tree-

-Cherry Colored Tree-

A Story by paleshadeofwhite

I wake up to visions of a cherry colored tree in my mind. It is dark outside, I can feel the wind creep up through the wooden planks my body is cold, but I don't feel a thing. There are voices coming from all direct...ions uniting as one leading me outside. I follow them into the night's gloom. There is no one around me, but a tree with many twists and turns folding to the side and purple leaves spiraling all around me. I hear the ocean's surf, yet there is no ocean.

I keep walking up ahead past the thick mist. I see a bridge made of stone with four lights around it. I do not walk on this stone made bridge, but I walk under it through the pebbles, being careful my feet do not touch the water. As I make my way to the other side, I see a lady holding an umbrella with snow covered pine trees on top. She stops, looks at me, and tells me. It is all in knowing, that there is no knowing. I keep moving.

Up ahead there is a yellow land that smells of salt and fresh air. I can hear the birds singing. The sky is of whites, blues and yellows. I close my eyes for a moment and I am now in another place. I see a family covered in different colored cloths. Colors of purple, red, green, blue, black, and yellow. The sky is dark and in swirls. I greet them, but they do not speak. The one in purple offers me food. I take a piece, say thank you and keep moving.

As I am walking by, all the clocks seem to have melted away and stopped working. There is a girl standing in the air holding herself to a picture frame dressed in a ballerina outfit. On the other side, i see green and yellow high heel shoes one having lips the other having an eye. They both seem to be communicating with each other.

Further up ahead is a carnival, I can see the lights and hear the music. As I make my way to the carnival I noticed the rides are running, but no one is in them. The porcelain horses turn and look at me and begin to laugh. A ballerina appears before me with a pigs face dancing beautifully. She asks me if I like how she dances, I said yes. She then said if I was lost. I told her I was on my way to the cherry colored tree. She said I know that place, she giggled and with a spin vanished.

The scene begins to change again now, I am in a desert and there are pirate boats, tons of them. The sky is green and rose red with some brown undertones. The sun is setting and it looks like a sandstorm is heading my way. I begin to run, I run as fast as I can, but my legs seem to be getting caught within the deep sands. As much as i try to escape it, my body is being swallowed by the desert sands. I am falling and sinking deeper and deeper into the unknown abyss.

It is dark now, I can't see a thing nor hear anything as well. I am not sure where I am, as there is no light. I begin to walk in total darkness. I feel around me to see if there are any walls, but all I feel are some shrub like plants that seem quite high. They seem to go in different directions taking me in different turns and twists. I am not sure how long this maze will be. I continue to walk but feel a concrete wall there is no exit, no door. I must have taken a wrong turn somewhere. So I begin to back track but find another opening in the hedges and go through it. I continue to feel my way through. There is another opening within the hedges, but I do not take it as I feel this one might have an exit, out of this dark place.

As I continue to walk through this place I begin to wonder if any others have come through here or am I the only one? Wait! I see something I think. It's another wall, but this one is different. It has a large key hole in it, with light coming from it. The moon sits on the wall and outside is the sky and the clouds and an ocean, but I am at the very top of a high cliff it seems. I am not sure how I am going to get down from here, as I have no rope.

So she sits for a moment and wonders....when up in the sky she notices a white umbrella floating her way. As it comes near her it tells her. Grab onto me dear child and I shall lure you down. So she grabs onto the umbrella, and it safely glides her down to the sandy dunes of the beach. She thanked the umbrella and then it vanished.

She looks back at the maze she was in from the beach, it looks like a floating mountain that sits at the center of the sky. She observes it for a while then turns around and walks away.

In her mind she begins to see an image of the red tree. This means she must be getting close.

As she continues her walk the grounds begin to change their colors to greens and pinks the sky starts to become white and red but it is still silent.

Off to the side, she sees a person wearing a cloak with a white mask using a thimble. The melted clocks appear again. She kneels down at the pond to cleanse her hands, but notices the water has eyes and is starring at her.

She keeps moving forward and see a dead fish saying help me! Then pipes begin to burst out from under the ground causing it to shake tremendously. The sky is covered in black smoke. There is a bird pulling the cord on a timer, and tons of smoke everywhere. Then she sees a map of two men planning on building a corporation. The smoke clears.

As I keep walking I see a river filled with many boats. Many people are heading in that direction, the fields are pink and the trees are dark.

Then I see the person wearing the cloak and mask again. As I approach this person
he stares at me but does not say a word. He continues using the thimble. I walk around him, quite mysterious he is. I ask him why does everything change in this world. He looked up at me and without an answer he looked back down.

I asked him I was trying to get to the red tree and he vanished. I began to wonder about my own questions. Why does everything in this world keep changing? Then I wondered am I dreaming? If I am dreaming, I can go where I wish to in this dream? And that is the cherry colored tree. So i decided to test this out, and so I said to myself that I have the wings of a dragon and with these wings I shall fly to the cherry colored tree.

Suddenly my body begins to feel strange. I feel a piercing from within my body coming outward. I scream from the pain. When the pain ends I have gotten what I asked for, the dragon wings. They are vigorous, intense, and mostly they are mine and with extreme force I fly and twirl through the sky cheering in laughter and I make my way to the cherry colored tree.

There stands the great tree right before me. Red poppy fields surround this great majestic tree as it stands tall and alone in its full glory completely full of shine. In a dark surrounding where the moon shines bright.

I stop for a moment to think back to the mask being. Yes he was silent and did not speak to me, but he did speak to me in silence. He said As above, So Below. As above, So below. As above, So Below.

© 2014 paleshadeofwhite

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Added on December 29, 2014
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