Daddy's little girl

Daddy's little girl

A Poem by phjasmine

Daddy's little girl

The small girl cries
With tears in her eyes
'Daddy don't you leave me
Daddy don't you die'
She's been there all day long
Just praying to the good lord
For her daddy to survive

Daddy please don't leave me
I can't live alone
I'm just a daddy's little angel
A daddy's little girl
I need your laugh in the morning
Your firm hand when I go wrong
Daddy please get well

The doctors are getting worried
He's not much time to live
And the little girl keeps crying
'Daddy why are you dying?'

Her daddy had gone to work
Everything as normal
Then when it was break time
He forgot to read the road signs
Walked out onto the street
As a car was driving by
Now her daddy's dying

The driver of the car
Hadn't seen him walk out
They had just got their license
And now they thought
That they had taken a life
But the cops already knew
It wasn't them at fault

The teacher had heard the news
And fetched the girl from class
Watched the color fade from her cheeks
As she told her
Her daddy was going to pass away
The girl's mother already gone
And the father soon to follow

On the way to the hospital
The girl stared out the window
The teacher had called the cab
And sent it on its way
The cab driver tried to talk to her
But she just sat in silence
Was her daddy really dying?

She remembered her 9th birthday
Not two weeks before
She'd said she wanted a kitten
When she had really wanted a mum
Now she just felt selfish
As she had had a real good dad
And now he's fading away

Sitting by his side
She knew that this was real
Her daddy lye there dying
Not a thing that she could do
He would join her mother
They will sit in heaven and watch
Their little girl growing up

It was midnight when it happened
She got rushed out of the room
The doctors tried their hardest
But still he passed away
The little girl looked on
Trying her best to be strong
Now where did she belong?

She looked down at the floor
As she thought of her dad
A stranger walked towards her
A soft smile painted on her face
She offered a new home
Complete with a mum and dad
The little girl just sniffled

She calls them Jane and Bob
She could never call them parents
No matter how much she grows to love them
She just couldn't betray him
Because no matter what may happen
She was and always will be
A daddy's little girl

© 2010 phjasmine

Author's Note

ignore grammar/spelling problems

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To be honest. Where do u get the stories from? This one really touched my ❤ .

Posted 3 Years Ago

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Added on February 17, 2010
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Perth, Australia

hey, dont really know what to say, i like writting, reading, music and art, i'm always looking to expand my writting abbilitys, i'm working on my spelling and grammer, really i am. I get most my ideas.. more..

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