Misunderstood Equation

Misunderstood Equation

A Poem by Rc R. Vagilidad

Are you lost, my friend?


First God created the heaven and the earth -
and creatures were ultimately drawn figures
leaving footprints on a desolated surface.
One man stood still.
Quite intense of his riveting solace
He did not leave any footprints.
He did what he was told.
He had wings.
He soar and landed on the same ground, always.

Confusion enlightened him to try to walk.
He fell. He tried to stand up. But failed.
He did this for a million of tries.
His feet reddened and jaded.
He was losing hope. No one saw him.
He was a winged creature, same as anyone else
But he tried to learn to walk.

For centuries he flew out from the skies
Invisible to the societies of the insufferable reproach.

He was long rejected.
He was an artist of disguise.
He wore a mask of an old man, of novelty and richness
He tried to cripple like the man, 
But he ended up destroying the made-up facade
And flew far from where he was.

He wept for so long, and no one seemed to hear him
His silence was music for everyone, he had thought.
So he sewed his angst and his lips.
He never cried at last, but his eyes were glistening 
And tears became an ultimate failure to uphold his numbness

He slept for centuries more.
His undying will was his dream
He waited until his wings withered
He scraped off the bones from his scapula
He bled enough to kill him.
He has nowhere to go.
He fell from the clouds.
The soil of earth was warm.
He was free.
He opened and unsew the stitches
And cried, "I am free at last".

God was never wrong, there is not a single 'misunderstood equation'
and never He will be wrong to mystify a creature
They will die for a reason, no footprints, no history
But He longed for its journey.
Leading to where they should be placed.
In the majestic complication of life.
There is a place for every species.
DNA. A unique code of life.

Stars will never fall.
For there are constellations. 
Weary not.

© 2012 Rc R. Vagilidad

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you are an amazing writer. :)

Posted 5 Years Ago

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A skillful way to answer a supposedly rhetorical question uttered in Job 38:31: "Can you bind the beautiful Pleiades? Can you loose the cords of Orion?" The question is whether the mathematical patterns found in the nature (implicit in the DNA, the patterns of the heavenly bodies) is a product of random chance (implying order out of chaos without the intervention of a Being) or that of an intelligent design (implying a Creator). It raises a question that is thought-provoking and--for those who can grasp what it is trying to say--digs a hole in the reader's brain that seemed fit for "scientific" investigations.

Posted 5 Years Ago

Rc R. Vagilidad

5 Years Ago

That bible verse you gave exemplifies my narrowed understanding of old english, yet I cannot divulge.. read more

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Added on September 14, 2012
Last Updated on September 14, 2012
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