A Poem by Chloe Hodges

Days run together as the nights grow longer. The cold of December bleeds through the barren limbs of the Magnolia. Once a resplendent sight, an admirable exhibition of the work beyond human comprehension is now a lifeless, stiff figure. All the soul of this creation has been drained and left to wither away. There is a oppression upon the life of the Magnolia, a hand of savagery. With each gust of frigid wind dissipates another attempt for survival. The days seem to draw on burdening the tree, seizing each and every opportunity for the arrival of a new season in which is longed for so deeply. Without hesitation, as it seemed, tiny crystals fell from the sky above. With each one that approached the icy ground, ever so slightly grazing the bark sent a sharp quiver through the tree. Frozen in time and reality, it seemed as though this season of cruelty would never end. Just as the Magnolia was near its final days, the mornings grew more radiant, and ever so slowly a hint of warmth came piercing through the bitter air. A sense of delight seeped through the heart of the tree and spread throughout the existing body. Slowly but surely, the Magnolia regained its strength and charm. Its soft-spoken beauty shone for all to see as the flowers once again bloomed for all eyes to admire in awe. At last the tree finally looked tranquil. Internally feeling at ease. Ready to illustrate the work of its creator for all the world to witness.

© 2015 Chloe Hodges

Author's Note

Chloe Hodges
Wrote this just a little while ago. First thing I've written in quite awhile. It relates to my personal struggles and my ability to overcome, yet there will always be more trials and more times to persevere through. Ignore any grammar mistakes, I'm just freely writing. Feel free to comment. Also wasn't really sure what this was considered, writing wise.

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I like the detailed descriptions of nature and the attribution of human characteristics to trees, etc. That is what makes the atmosphere - which in turn draws my attention to read on :)

Posted 3 Years Ago

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Mary Jo. Clare
My works are based off my real thoughts and experiences. Please allow yourself to truly experience and relate to them!


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