A Poem by Chloe Hodges

Sometimes the demons in my head eat away at every happy thought, tear down my hopes, rip apart my dreams. They thrive on the little things in life that make it meaningful. When they are done letting their thoughts of insecurity, hopelessness and despair fester there, I am left alone. Alone to wallow in the thoughts they have left behind. My heart is so vulnerable, so easily taken over and it is very hard to fill the void that had been created and left there after I have become so hollow and empty inside. Release me from the torturing of my soul. I have no where to run, nor hide from the demons that come creeping and lingering till they have destroyed. They taunt me with words of cruelty speaking i am jaded, unable to be loved. I release the pain in the way they desire me to. I submit to their mocking voices and the pain from their feast slowly dissipates with every slice. I have become an empty body. No longer knowing who I once was before the world told me who I ought to be. My mind, destroyed. My heart, gone.I am no longer me, rather it is the demons that live within me that have now taken over. They guise me with the words they unrightfully stole, only reflecting it externally. Only for the so easily fooled. But I know, I know what happened to me. No one else will understand. They will look at my with sympathetic eyes, yet not truly know the struggle of being drowned in thoughts of loneliness. So I say to you now Lord, if you are there, save my soul. Take away the pain. The suffering. The bleeding that seeps through my veins and out through my broken heart. You my God are my tourniquet. My soul is pleading for deliverance. While all at the same time, my body cries for the grave. So deliver my soul and let the pain relinquish. I try to kill the pain but only bring so much more. I fight back, I am too weak. So, this is my desperate cry for help. I want to feel alive again.

With all that i have left,


© 2015 Chloe Hodges

Author's Note

Chloe Hodges
Excuse any grammar mistakes, I need to work on that!
Again, not sure what this is classified as.
Sorry, it is long!

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God bless you may the grace of the lord be with all gods people

Posted 3 Years Ago

I love the way you describe the emotions, very deep and well-written. Excellent write!

Posted 3 Years Ago

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every one has demons and we all need to fight back, stand against them. the best part of ot is that you acknowledge it. keep going

Posted 3 Years Ago

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Added on February 25, 2015
Last Updated on February 25, 2015