the joy of eternity

the joy of eternity

A Poem by prymore

random poem i thought of today, i think i turned out alright. leave any feedback or criticism as deemed fit.

always devouring
never full 
always wanting more and more
dying again and again just for fun
psychotic tendencies overwhelming on every level
energetic days over and done with
everlasting power and strength achieved again and again
parasitic in nature but also violent in every regard
energy spreading with every cell shed and strewn about on every continent on a deathless realm
power and energy one in the same 
stolen cells bring light to a new problem and solution
an heir without DNA revolving in a bright rebellion forming with each passing year of power
energy resonates through a link with the ascended times from the past and future all combining into one
power and fame indistinguishable from hatred and lust for power and strength
power and name resonate through the water and sea as well as land
houses fall and break as the revolving battle continues to break apart the land, time and reality
lusts of the bodily pleasures are forgotten and left behind for a blade and crystal blood through the timeline 
timelines seen and recorded but forgotten without and details left 
power and time revolving without lost of the cycle of time and energy interfered
a dark deal 
violent outbreak of timeless blindness and weakness with little cure but time
devouring powers that only grant weaknesses without time and death
death resonating but impossible without help
power and energy fuse into a mixture nonexistence without help to death
the existence of others who mean little to you become tolerable
friendships form within a fraction of peaceful times
unity under all but not equal or united
power and energy on the verge of death and destructions of the hopeful future
the names of the dead ring out and destruction is imminent
death returns all 
all return once the age is ended
death will return the savior to his home

© 2017 prymore

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Not a bad write, I liked this, interesting and well written

Posted 10 Months Ago

I really liked this poem. From beginning to end. The vibe I got from it was very contradictory to itself in some ways which played out great. Also, the imagery used was spot on.

Posted 1 Year Ago


1 Year Ago

Thank you.

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Added on September 7, 2017
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Hello my name is prymore, also known as oyak muisso meakezy, and a few others. i'm 19, I love to read and write and have created several fantasy worlds with hundreds of characters. follow me on twi.. more..

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