A Poem by Queen of the Damned



All alone

Cant you see?

Solitude and sorrow

Help to wollow in my misery

Tears just fall

No one to wipe them away

I'm so very lost

But it doesn't matter anyway

I'm not important

I've never never been

Darkness succombs me

I just don't fit in

I can cover my demise

With fake happy smiling lies

But the truths hidden

In my eyes

Eyes that can disguise

what should be my ultimate prize?

Another pretend person

to tell me lies?

I'm not fool even if it appears i allow you

to lead me on

I'm tired of waking up from screaming dreams

At the break of dawn

I have lost my song

Those chipper words in my head

Yet I'm to damn stubborn to sink away

And lay in bed

Paint a color picture

Of this person you perceive now

One day soon I may no longer be around

Cherish the ones you hold close to your heart

Don't let them alone to feel unloved and

To fall apart

I've done my part

But it doesn't matter in the end

Darkness overcomes all the artificial love people send

Still I will cover every bit of my

Lost and broken heart

I never really had it in me to learn to love and trust again

From the start




© 2014 Queen of the Damned

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Added on October 26, 2014
Last Updated on October 26, 2014


Queen of the Damned
Queen of the Damned

Philly, PA

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