Abladonna's Dream

Abladonna's Dream

A Story by Rory CJ Frankson

The beginning of the end...


Hope Springs Eternal

Abladonna's Dream

How does one even begin to describe the infinite, or the the place. Where deities reside...

To define even, what a deity truly is. Abladonna was pure spirit... an immortal and, had been. Since the third world. It had been a time long beyond memory, that she had been mortal. When she had filled her obligation to the dream and, enter into her roll. In the ebb and flow, of the greater wheel. And, its dream. In its streams, of the substance of Light and Life's. Continuum...

Some manner of understanding may be arrived at, possibly. Through differing times and cultures. That grow to know of their fate in faith, or mysticism and magical outcome. To some, they were the maids of heaven, and reside. In the Abodes of Paradise. To some. Angels of God from on high, or earth spirits and daughters of the Earth Mother, and true children. Of the horned Father. All of them. To the people, that worship as such.

Were true.

Though maybe inaccurate, due to the understanding they had at that time of the existence of their culture. Some few souls, would with the unfolding of the wheel. Find out. And. Ever was there more, to discover. In the mystery. Of what spread out before her. There were no words to describe the beauty of it. There were no words here. This was a place, beyond words. Beyond physical description. As only the spirit here, were able to comprehend...

The magnitude and, true grandeur of... The Creators Dream...

The granting, of which. Was a marvel to behold, the spinning jewel... of the living matrix. The place, were Abladonna reside. With the others, of her kind. Where they spun, The Dream. Influence, the dreamers of the dream, and on and on. Into worlds within worlds. Add infinitum...

A place, were one could dance between the stars, soar through infinite galaxies... on, a whim! Travel to anywhere, with a thought. Where time, was irrelevant and Abladonna. Did quite a lot of moving between time. This it seemed, was her gift. As no one in particular explain, or told her. That she had a gift. There was no need to understand it, as such here.

All things, are...

A thing she had gleaned and it struck, with awe.

It was an acceptance, as being... Is.

So, if you seen her as an Angel... alright, that was the truth. To the Druids, she was a Deity. Of course, she was. A Fatima, on and on, had the telling of her presence. Gone on, into Earth's Human History. The History of the Fourth World, that could possibly end. Ending, all that... Is.


Historically, the period when Abladonna was possibly most acknowledged, and called upon. Would have been in the time of Avalon and Druid mysticism. There it would have been the Lady of the Lake, and she share vision, and prophetic promise. With the people, of that day.

At some instance, there had been a long dormant time. A time of repose, drifting through new worlds. Forming in the matrix. Floating, through her own dream and waiting for a calling, and. It had come. As some there go back to the Earth and have a detail to accomplish, and it was. In a Roman time. But an aberrant, a paradox. An opening through a time, that had already happened and a dread thing released into the world. By a calling, by the people of that period. The then Emperor Caligula, had entered into a ceremony through a dark ones influence. A blood right, brought into practice. A Demon from the void, was loosed into the world. Bringing forward Bophomet as he was named, and made real. A contrary being, never meant to be made... a true entity. Pandora's box. Not truly in concordance with the myth, but an apt turn of phrase.

Applicable just the same, she assume.

Abladonna had stood upon the very edge of the matrix and stare down into the black void, that had taken so many. And, it was growing. The power of the void, was upsetting the balance of the wheel. Many were trying to discover how a whole record of time, had been displaced... but it had. There were black cracks, forming in the crystalline tablets, and maybe. For the first ever. A sense of dread, in their abode. A realization of how important The Earth, was. To the continence of the dream. It was then. The prophecies began to spread, of a war in heaven. The concept of Satan were created on earth, and the cracks spread. The void, was taking souls. Changing. The Dream...

Abladonna was readying herself, to dive between and, from where she had chosen to jump off. Was dangerous. It was very close to the vortex, that could pull her into the void and she would be lost. To eternal Darkness. None knew, just what was in that void, nor wanted to. Abladonna, felt this was a fault in her kind, and the answer to this war of spirit, lay there... in between. The currents in the between of the Matrix. Were ever strong and always pulling to the right... the vortex, of the void... to the left. This, her only guide. To know that she would be in trouble. She stretch out her light, and let the attraction of the matrix. Pull her, into its continuum. Felt the hum of power, surge through her. Quickly gain her equilibrium and direction, of chosen travelings. As she gain on the void. Will her self to slow and it was difficult, but she succeeded and for some while. Immobile, in like an eddy of power and kept trying to turn her, left. She forced her will into that, and with effort. Stay in fixed position of this Ebb. In that one acceptable location, and believed to be. Undetectable.

A place, where she could study this void, and the unintelligible.

Goings on, there.

She had no way of knowing how long it was, that she look upon the one area of the void. Not even really knowing, what it was she was observing. Only, that it were alien to her. Then like her, she seen voids. Stand on the edge and dive, into. The Between. Realized, instantaneously there were those of the soulless ones. That could go between, and... influence dreams. She immediately thought of her Abode, and arrived. To a shiver and felt fear... another alien thing. Relative emotion. This feeling, of stark fear. Making her aura shimmer in disturbing hue and spectrum's pulse.

For some turn, she went to her dream to fight this feeling. To understand what she had seen. She enter her light and try to ask her father, if she might be granted some understanding of this. She felt the warmth and brilliance of arrival, and for a turn. They share the wheel of reunion. When she came away. It was to be learned. That the father, knew not of this either in the record. The consensus being, that this Demon. Must be taken out of the world. The void contained.

Some part of this would have to be battled... in, The Between. This she'd discovered, was a delivery of some sort. These souls taken there, deceived spirits. That should have been a part of the record and were being taken, an delivered. To the void. The more souls devoured there. The larger the void grew. This much now, they knew. Abladonna, must find souls.

That could dive between.

It seemed eons, of swimming through soul dreams. Studying promising patterns, but not finding spirits with the strength. To believe their dreams, were anything but strange occurrence... and ignored! Then, there was a very bright spot in the wheel, and in a thought. She was before a small girl, in the jungle. She had found a girl who called herself Chandelle and who could actually see her and, not in the dream. For the first time, since the turn of the druid and vortex Stonehenge. Had Abladonna, been corporeal. A powerful gift, this one small girl... had given her.


Two others she'd also found, one a practitioner of The Druids ancient order, and the other. Yet still a very young girl and who would not be ready to have the strength, to go between. For some time yet. She would continue her search, but for the next few turns of the wheel. Her dream concentrated on Chandelle. Who with the turns, became a very powerful woman, but still held herself back, and afraid. To go between. Still the void grew, becoming more powerful. Many more voids there, learning to go between and upsetting the balance of the wheel. Even further...

At some point was startled, to find a man that was capable of going between. This was not unknown, but they were few and far between. On times wheel. Once he was located, it was easy enough for Abladonna to relocate him and learn more, and again. Shocked, that he had been in this world before and fighting still. This same war. Although... he had just begun, his journey of discovery. In this destiny. He was a warrior and, a very powerful warrior. He had used one of the swords, given to him by Faye McCafferty in Scotland and, two swords and a dagger given to Faye. By Abladonna... at Stonehenge, in the year 1428. She didn't know of him then, in his incarnate life. As Corbin Farrell and had found his record on the tablets of this turn. Troy Daniel Farrell, could go between, had already done so unintentionally, but it was difficult... to enter his dream. By turn, through these two souls, Chandelle and Troy. She had found, the wonder of Yevette Richade. This a woman... that could command, The Between. This had created a wave in the Abode, and many would not believe that such a soul, could exist. Abladonna's argument, being. That one could. If the Creator, so willed it! Abladonna believed, he had. Created her to re-balance. The Wheel Time...

It became the greatest challenge, Abladonna ever faced. As she discovered, those of the void, wanted her. For their own purpose, just as badly. Indeed, they'd almost had her and through these affiliations, had discovered Kate O'Grady. A born seerer and dreamess. Another, with the potential to go between. The strands of web were being woven and, all in and about... this mystery.

Yevette Rose Marie Cartier Richade.

All threads, led to her. Her turn, in this the Fourth History. Now Abladonna began to dive between, seeking those threads. Needing to know how these genetic threads, had formed. Both the Cartier and Richard families came from France. The original Richade had been a Captain in the French Armies of the late 1400's, there he'd married a Gweneve d'Arc. Which she found interesting and, was a cousin to Jeannette d'Arc.

Who would become Joan of Arc... the deceived.

Then reformer and for a short period, with her regiment. Vampire hunter...

As Abladonna swam the between of dreams echo, to learn even more startling things. In that time, there had been another Farrell... Allister, and the two. Were twin bothers, of the same soul... This Allister, carry the second sword and again, a great warrior. Who was sent by his Clan Ferrell to protect Jeannette and fight by her side. It was he that had presented her with this dagger, believed to have magical protections and it was. Extremely deadly to Vampires. Of course, it was Abladonna that had forged it, and imbued it with the runes, of unmaking. So in the beginning, Allister loved Jeannette from afar and fought like the devil, to protect her... and convince her. That there were Vampires, that were then undermining, her France. The same, as they had fought in Scotland...

This too, was being accomplished by her cousin Gweneve and on closer study of Gweneve. She realized that Gweneve, was an incarnate entity... and not know. That she was one of the Spirit Immortals. It was not uncommon for one deity, to not know the workings of another and later in this turn. Abladonna, would find this ones signature.

Once again, involved in the forth world.

So during these wars, they were all tied to the same thread... Joan of Arc.

Finally the Scott Allister, had gotten closer to Joan and eventually, became her personal guard. Still, she did not know of his love for her. Or her feared growing affection for him. In one period in this echo's read. Between conflicts and fighting, she was told that Allister was an artist. A very gifted painter. This intrigue Jeannette and felt, a good painting. Would immortalize her.

In a period by her behest, Allister had painted three. That were greatly to her liking, and the time spent with Allister. Grew to be more and more enjoyable, less fearful. As Joan was fanatically religious in strictly guarding her countenance and, all believed. Having visions from god. Gweneve knew, these vision were not of god. But given to her, by a Vampire. Pushing ahead the Vampires wants for France. Under their influence and to be almost freely indulging, their blood-lust. All this was quite plain to Abladonna, as she experience the reality of their echo's. Toward the last of her crusade. They convinced Joan and she seen the right, of what they were saying. The King no longer understood the places, Joan the Maid. Was taking out her regiment, attacking with a vengeance and with out orders. They were slaying Vampires and, doing a fair good job of it... for that short while.

It was during this time, that Jeannette discover that her love for Allister was returned and they were secretly wed. As a couple, Allister had talked her into a nude. Well in those days, a nude could be showing ankles... which in that period. Were considered, quite sexy. The painting turn out to be quite revealing and they kept it hidden at all times. It being, only for their own enjoyment. Then the conflicts started again, and Joan. Was set up and captured by influence and intrigues, of the Vampires. Angry at the loses they had suffered at her hand, and mostly. At the end of Allister's sword. Joan was then sold to the British, who were even more under the sway, of Bophomet. Allister, was allowed in the first part of her imprisonment. To stay on as her personal guard, and Joan. Became pregnant. Which seem to anger Bophomet, beyond reason. When Joan began to show, the British kept this fact secret and others. Were being forced to make the decision to kill the heretic baby, when it came. This her inquisitor would not do, as at first. He was a pious man and, only later thoroughly diluted, by the deceptions and innuendo of Bophomet lies...

And, Bophomet. The source of Joan of Arc's original visions, from God. Knew all.

When Joan had the baby, it was a daughter and smuggled out of the castle. Where she was still not being held in a cell, and expecting France. To ransom her away. The ransom from the King of France never came, and her trial. Started in earnest. With the constant interference of Bophomet, they found a religious legality. To have her... as history has shown, burnt at the stake. As a heretic.

Allister, took the baby back to France. Heart broken had gotten enmeshed in a drunken duel, and lost his life and the First Sword of Two. Which remains displaced, to this turn. His daughter, was taken in by a brother of the campaign that rode with him, in Joan's regiment.

The promise of a good life, was there... for a thoroughly displaced only child. Rose Marie Ferrell. Now, an orphan. Luis Roland Cartier, of Paris. Was royalty related and Joan's daughter, became Rose Marie Cartier. None knew, that she was a d'Arc. Not even the Cartier's for a number of years and even when it was found out. The felt the power of Joan's legacy would be weakened, as all of France, believed her to be... A virgin! Rose Marie, was married off to a Duke Ondrea La Fontaine and they had a quite exceptional daughter, that was very much in demand.

For royalty marriageable stock.

And so on, were royal lines woven into a simple country maid Jeanette d'Arc's DNA strand.

In a quirk of fate, Yevette's mother's mother. Married again into the Cartier family to give birth to Jeanne Yevette Cartier, in Paris. In that turn were sent traveling regularly her, and her Mother. Hidden in this and that place, across Europe. Hiding, from the Vampires. That for some reason, sought them out with a vengeance and then. Economically, ruined them. With family ties and connections, they arranged for a meeting with a family, in French Canada. A place called St le Vallier Quebec. In another quirk of fate. Marcelle Richade, was brought over to France and the families. Tied them together in marriage. A couple that were very distant cousins, as the farm he'd inherited was pioneered by Gweneve d'Arc, Joan's first cousin and her husband, Captain Marcelle Richade. Now Marcelle and Jeanne, had three sons and Yevette Rose Marie Cartier Richade. Their twelfth generation daughter being a direct descendant of Jeannette d'Arc and Allister Farrell's child. Through, Gweneve d'Arc. Mixed with some percentage of the immortal DNA strand... of an Angel!

This Angel. In the field of endeavor. Still!

All daughters, till the last. As Jeanette had first three sons. The only break in that chain. For eleven generations. Only one daughter, was born to each of these families. Now Abladonna must try and understand the significance, of this thread. Interesting, though it was. It prove nothing about the fascination, that the Demon Bophomet held with this genetic genealogical strand.

The strand at core juncture... was not her detail anyway. Most immortals that held that gift, were male. The energy mass, given off at those junctures was intense. As beautiful as it was. It was potentially lethal. Even to an immortal. The phenomenon, was the multitude of souls contained within its field, and their genetic compositions. A main stream, in the ebb an flow. And all, leading to the hub. The center of the Wheel. The origin of The Creators Dream. Abladonna... could travel through them but only, in between. It was in these places, that she follow threads and read echo's. Essentially, it was the record of genetic memory.

What dazzle Abladonna... was the Creator. Contained all of this for whatever end dream... that it contained. She refrain from ascribing gender to The Creator, as this remained unknowable. As the Creator was in and of itself, unknowable in its essence. As it would be impossible to contain and know all that is, and then. Ascribe some thing as simple, as reasoning to it. Though, some tried.

The Concourse held its levels, as did the Abode of true children. Abladonna's Father, was of a higher order, The Echelon and of those, that tried for the Mystery of Reasoning. Her Mother higher yet, in its hierarchy up the steps of divinity, and. Very seldom, was she granted the privilege of a visitation. From what was effectively, a First Order Angel... of the one hundred and forty-four thousand. In Origin. Through now, Four Worlds Histories, their numbers only short. By one...

She spent many a time, on her palisade. Looking to the upper levels, in hope of seeing her pattern and colours soar... out. Into the ether. When there came those times, that she had witness it. Her heart soar with her. She'd allow her, to be apart of her joy. In light. For a short while, see the wheel as her Immortality experience it. Feel, her emergent love for Creation and her workings in it.

In the totality of Acceptance. Total accord.

It was enough... for then. Her dream of love would come to her... and feed her. Her purpose.

Since the third world, the rules had changed and Abladonna. May have been the last of a varied breading between incarnate entities, and or deities. Even the amount of intervention on behalf of the peoples, that worshiped you... that... Abladonna , stopped her process. Why? She did not know, but felt... there was something, to this. Primary awareness.

She wonder, if these same things applied to The Void.

There was no information about the beginning of The Void. Why it was there or, just what function it served. It as well had been given names, like Hell or Hades, The Underworld and there was no turn... that it wasn't there. Only, that it had always been contained. Stay the same size. An example that came to her, in that all of the fused movement of creation. Was naturally drawn to the right. It was understood, that the void move to the left. Some of the upper echelon, had theorized. That it maybe a counter weight to the great wheel. In a way made sense, as the same echelon had stated. That the Greater Wheel, was being directly effected and is out of balance. Those of the Abode, had to trust that the information that was feed down to them and be, engaged as such...

That The Void, was growing was accepted... as abhorrent. An aberration in and of its very elemental form and as a quintessential malignant pyridine. Had it, out stepped its fundamental laws. Had the induction of Bophomet. Put created order out of sync, with a natural time line and... its disruption, of the ebb and flow have breached natures law. For this void in The Between to be now in the world running counter to the realized purpose, of the all?

Again this reasoning stop her, as the etherical colours of her abode shift with presence. Her father manifest accordingly, enquiring. What it was she were considering, that had set the whole of Upper Realms on edge with its speculation. Abladonna queried him further, intrigued. To receive that a primary wave, had run throughout the echelons conclave... to stir extraordinary exhilaration. In the resulting, theoretical probability. Through her consideration, they had arrived at an inspired possible revelation, to the polemic reality. That the mystery of the Void... presented.

And, shorty.

Possibly be no more!

  Nostradamusbeam with pride in announcement. Abladonna, was to be brought up a level. Although a great honor, not sure she desired to be elevated. She would go before them, and find out what this would mean to her, and. If it didn't suit her... possibly, turn it down.

If that was possible?

The colors of her Abode shift in spectrum yet again, with even a more brilliant rainbow hue... The glory of her Mother arrive Angelically resplendent! Instantly. Abladonna flew to her presence and embrace her, effervescent aura. To be flooded with love and awe. At the purity, of its all encompassing grace. To have both their magnanimous spirits, within the sanctity her humble Abode... was elation. With out measure.

Yet Abladonna, was also struck as to why?

There was never any expression in her mother to discern, other than joy or contentment. Nor, was there any apparent now... only immense love.

For her deity daughters, manifestation. The why, was presented into her consciousness and not. For consideration...

This condition is not possible, to turn down my daughter... this. Is your Creators wish. The wheel of his dream, cannot be denied. The will of this our Creator, is supreme. The wisdom of his decree... superlative. The rewards of obedience, unfathomable. Receive, and be enlightened!

As her Mothers glimmering, touch upon the center of her nebulous wheel. Experienced, her inner star pattern shift. Enlightening her, and her perceptions of the eternal mysteries enhanced. The dynamic in which Abladonna integrated through light particle transfer... accelerated. Her powers of harmonic communication and circumference relocation, extended.... Abladonna, to have had this transformation once before, and again. This deity had been re-created, transcending the realms of her limitations. There would be no going before, any echelon. She'd been raised up, by the highest of authority... Her God! To be in absolute stunned humility, by this command. Her Mother, smiled to announce, Abladonna. Was to assemble a legion of Champions, an Army of Light. She look to her father with a poised, question in process...

Who will command, this Earthly Force?

Their answer from the both her parents, rang through her re-born consciousness.

This is for you Abladonna, to find. Who dreams this dream. The Arc, of The Covenant!

My Avenging Angel...

Rang. Though the mansions on high with this clarion call and shook, its very foundations. The reverberations of which. Rippled forth. Through the weave of the wheel, and covered the creation. With hope...

To Dream

This Dreams


of Forevermore.    Faye McCafferty Scotland 1400's: [Link]  `http://www.writerscafe.org/writing/romon/553247

© 2014 Rory CJ Frankson

Author's Note

Rory CJ Frankson
The Abode of True Children...

Destinies Children & The Lady of the Lake.

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A great one i missed.. wonderful writing .. lovely images a great story.


Posted 7 Years Ago

This is really good... that's all I can say. I myself didn't see much of a moving tail that passes through time, but a standstill of events that made you think of everything that happens.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Amazing story!
I like this alot.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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