Some Days

Some Days

A Poem by redzone

...are just like that..


Some Days



there are days,

like today,

where everything is caught

in the chaos of a black hole.

or, like you are falling

into a deep chasm,

but don’t remember

stepping off the ledge.

it’s disserting,

this feeling of no gravity,

and yet you know

the direction is downward.


it is an empty,

painful hollowness

that has taken control.

I just wish I knew

what to do.

should I stay?

or go?

are my words

a comfort,

or just another worrisome burden?


life is always complicated.

it ebbs and flows,

and there are choices

to be made,

and always with consequences,

since, what we do and say

affect everything around us,

as well as who we are,

or want to be.


the thing is,

the faster I fall,

the clearer becomes

the jagged rocks below.


Aztec Warrior/redzone  11.26.17

© 2018 redzone

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thanks for reading...

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I do understand this feeling. I think many do. It seems you are taking a break and I hope you will return to share more of your beautiful writing soon.

Posted 9 Months Ago

This is darker than any poem I've read of yours...I like it. I think we all feel like this from time to time. Hope all is well with you my friend :) Julie

Posted 12 Months Ago

I found a poem on Lydia's page written to celebrate your b-day a year ago . . . so that reminded me to look you up . . . & then I also realized your b-day must be around the corner again, so hopefully you'll be having a happy one very soon! (((HUGS))) I've missed you here, but I understand if you don't feel like doing this scene lately. This poem feels more dreary than any poem I remember reading from you. I hope it's not a reflection of anything profoundly sad about your life right now. Sometimes life feels exactly like you've described it here. Thankfully my darkest stretch is behind me now. Just puttering along, trying to keep up with life! Good luck on your new book of poetry that Lydia mentioned (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 12 Months Ago

And as you fall towards those jagged rocks, eternity will be the aftermath.
Beautiful piece Red, you did it justice. C.S

Posted 1 Year Ago

dear Redzone... when Springtime arrives in due season, you will fly like a Kite with clouds ☁️ of white where bluebirds sing a cheerful song and 🌈 rainbows will appear after the rain... Amen. truly, Pat

Posted 1 Year Ago

Free-falling into the abyss....there are days that feel that way. It's true every action we take in our lives has a consequence. Thing is, if we don't take action, we are caught in limbo.....not a good place to be. What to do? Only you can make the are the King of your own destiny. Powerfully emotional write, Curt...and that song is the perfect accompaniment to the feel of the poem. So very "nice". Lydi**

Posted 1 Year Ago

Life sure does have its ebbs and flows. The main key is how to respond to different situations. Do we resist, control or go with the flow? Do we fight or give up competely. At the end of the day, leaving a good legacy and making difference in us and other people's lives counts a lot.
A powerful write Redzone...

Posted 1 Year Ago

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