ReDefining ProLIFE in AMERICA

ReDefining ProLIFE in AMERICA

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A compelling READ. Please join the iCHOOSE2LIVE Campaign @ to become a ProLIFE-by-CHOICE. We need to take back our lives, one person at a time.

I came to the realization today Wednesday, September 7th,  2010  at 4.47am, that the word Pro-LIFE has been re-branded in America. It is currently defined by Wikipedia as ‘…the political and ethical opposition to elective abortion, and support for its legal prohibition or restriction. Those involved in the pro-life movement generally maintain that human fetuses and, in most cases, embryos are persons, and therefore have a right to life. The pro-life position is commonly supported among several Christian and Muslim countries.’ 


On the other hand, Pro-LIFE is rightfully classified by as an adjective meaning ‘the right to life’.


I have been bothered by this definition since the advent of the US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Wars that were embarked upon by our mostly professed conservative righteous men; Men whom you’d think correctly understand the dictionary meaning of being ProLIFE, since they are supposedly embodiments of the ‘Righteousness’ of GOD. Instead, they connived to justify their acts as the plan and will of God, for the betterment of all man-kind. (What NERVE!)


Their divine ACT, less than a decade later, has plagued this NATION with several casualties of war, and more than $1,090,000,000,000 poorer than it was before the war. (that’s more than $1 trillion dollars;  our National debt is almost $13 trillion; and we wonder why we are in a die-hard recession…SMH!).


For all we know, discussing the 2 words, ProLife/ProChoice in America, is always recipe for the suffocation of social civility; from barber shops, to political circles, to churches, and even to our kitchen tables. This reaction has made this discussion a very delicate path to tread. We often just restrict these words to a woman’s right/ability to choose to abort or keep her baby prior to childbirth (a topic I will address later).


However, we busy ourselves worrying about embryos, fetuses and unborn children, (who YES, are very important), that we forget to associate these terms with understanding the pertinent need to rightfully sustain and protect those of us who are alive today " our Rights to LIFE. I choose to be meaningfully alive, and to coexist peacefully with other living human beings, thus I’m ProLIFE by Choice (I guess which makes me Pro-Choice as well). When we irrationally exercise Power in making decisions as to who dies for our selfish gains, that person to me, ceases to be ProLIFE in all its definitions, nor even the dreaded liberal ProChoice.


While reading articles on how to improve on my poetry blog this morning, I ran across a link, which led me to tangible data that for me, have rightfully redefined the meaning of the word ProLIFE-in-America. (My anger and disbelief triggered the writing of this piece). Words which when discussed, completely deviates from its original meaning, nor that of its arch rival " ProChoice. In fact, its new definition, I can boldly say, has also altered and re-branded the definition of its YANG-Prochoice, assigning it a new meaning, which I employ all reasonable citizens of the world to adopt (will further discuss).


Prior to this epiphany, I had always wondered how there could be any supporters of the war who claimed to be ProLIFE. Did they really understand what the word meant, or did they just use it carelessly? To me, they had embodied inhumanity, and had directly or indirectly destroyed lives through decisions that have murdered many in several ways; decisions that have not only cut short useful promising lives, but have destroyed others emotionally, psychologically, physically, mentally and otherwise. How then could they be ProLIFE? These decisions also negatively impacted the financial and economic stability of this Great Nation.


With these consequences, I sought, and still cannot find any definition of LIFE within them- Emotional LIFE; Psychological LIFE; Physical LIFE; etc. The reverse has actually been the case, where there has been nothing less than death and destruction in many, while fighting these meaningless wars.


Thus today, I have ingeniously redefined our nicely controversial word ProLIFE, and thus employ you to think on these when next you remember or encounter the word, ProLIFE.

-          $1.09 trillion spent on 2 wars since 2001 (


-          6570 veteran suicides per year (almost 1 per 1.5hrs @ 18 suicides per day)



-          More than 7700 American deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan since  2001



-          More than  1.36M Iraqi deaths since US invasion, almost 200X more than US  casualties (Sometimes, we forget that these are also people) (


-          An estimated 100,000 wounded soldiers (


-          320,000 Vets with Brain Injuries (


-          And so on.


New ProLIFE Synonyms: NoLIFE, Recession, Bankruptcy, Pro-Death, Abandoned, Murder, Impulsive Reaction


Antonyms: ProLIFE, International Diplomacy, Logical reasoning, Critical Thinking


Now because I know that I’m not the only troubled citizen of the world tired of these massive invasions and killings, I employ you to subscribe to the ‘iCHOOSE2LIVE’ Campaign and become ProLIFE-by-CHOICE by adding your email address at the subscription button on the LEFT TOP CORNER of the page. 


This is a Campaign informing our Leaders that we have a Right To LIVE. It will also demand that ALL of Our Leaders (those who endorse WARs) enlist at least one child or closely related family member to go to any wars that they endorse.


Let’s create a reasonable world together, one person at a time. Therefore, join the ‘iCHOOSE2LIVE’ Campaign and become ProLIFE-by-Choice: Choose to LIVE and Let others LIVE.


Share this with as many people as possible. Also join our Facebook page: iCHOOSE2LIVE Campaign


(I encourage you to embed the Cost of War () and Casualty Counters () on your website or blog. It is JavaScript supported, so I’m still trying to find a way to do that because my blog does not support JavaScript. Please if you know how to convert JavaScript to Html, leave me a message. Thanks)

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Added on September 7, 2010
Last Updated on September 7, 2010
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