First Love

First Love

A Story by Karisha Nove

This story is about a girl named Kate, who fell in love with her classmate.


It was the time when new session of high school was starting. Kate, old student but new student for class because she got separated from her friend and no one was in class who she knew.


 She entered in class with hoping something nice happened. She didn’t talk to anyone or never tried to reach anyone.

Soon she got a duty to represent the class as a monitor. But no one was happy or you can say satisfy with her being a monitor. She took every single thing in her soul not a trace. Finally after a week everyone acknowledged her as a monitor and that slightest thing made her happy.


She took attendance everyday in morning and give report of it. Every teacher was very happy form her progress and her support towards them. One day he appeared from nowhere, new student.


 Jack, he was full of life. He caught his on Kate not because she was monitor of his class but because of she didn’t talk much. He took his interest in her. One day he encountered her on a single mistake of attendance and teased her.


 That was her first time for wanting to prove him wrong because she never do anything to prove anybody wrong or right, she prefer to stay in closed circle of friends. And she proved him wrong. And on next day that guy proposed her.


She took that proposal a joke and it was a joke but it became a hot gossip for school. And After a week everyone came for asking her that they are dating or something and she denied every single time. She found that irritating and broke her silence and in front of Jack.


She clear his feeling, that if he likes her or not. And his answer was every expected and that was a no. She settled down every rumor and ended it soon. But teasing was continued in her class sometimes she took part in it but sometimes she shoved cold shoulder.


After one year everything was normal for her but one thing was changed, her feeling. She asked her friends but they only said one thing that, ‘last everyone was joining their names as couple so probably she is assuming thing now’.


 She thought that was it she don’t feel for him an half passed but her feeling didn’t changed now she become more serious and strong for her feelings. She asked her friends now they said that probably she fell in love with jack. But that was sure that Jack don’t love her and that part of truth she already aware of it.


She distracted her mind by dating her friend’s friend but they always got into fights and without any progress they broke up but her ex boyfriend threat her in various ways.


Now her feeling was out of her control because those feelings were causing her depression so she decided confess her love. She confessed him over phone and their conversation was-

Kate-“hey I want to tell you something… I like you.”

Jack-“I know… I was aware of your feeling.”

Kate-“Okay… so we are cool.”

Jake-“Yes! Let’s be friend…”

Kate-“Okay… Bye…”


She tried her best to be his friend and till now she is his just friend but her feeling is still are unchangeable.

© 2017 Karisha Nove

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Author's Note

Karisha Nove
If you like this please give reviews for improvement in future.

and don't mind mistakes.

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Wow..a nice and simple story!! And that simplicity is adorable

Posted 2 Months Ago

This comment has been deleted by the poster.
Karisha Nove

2 Months Ago

Thank you for reading....
Hey! a very beautiful poem of how a girl who is very reserved feels for someone spyecial. She tries to hide it but couldn't and still kept loving him. Very heart touching.
Nicely written. I din't find any mistakes probably because of the feel in it.

Posted 8 Months Ago

Karisha Nove

7 Months Ago

Thank you... And I very happy that you like it.

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Added on February 18, 2017
Last Updated on February 18, 2017
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Karisha Nove
Karisha Nove

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I know I'm young to write stories... my writing skills are not like Shakespeare but this is my hobby... so I hope that what I write or summit here all viewers will like it... I always interested in.. more..