The Tears Can't Stop

The Tears Can't Stop

A Poem by Robert Robbie Dudley

I thought it up I like another stretch

a moment on a raft

as stars continue through

to anything out of set

to know the leaflet

to the whole story at picture

of it in my mind

is running through 

on the loose within the woes

pages sends me away

and my eyes lately say

there at the end of a book

let's go get soft

faces floats downstream 

tears can't stop

on tender grasses and gentle rivers

are lulling us in

as stars expanding

I don't long long linger in for oars

looked up among

and dwells on

actually to use it we did

we got one cart too much

sounds warm waves search down

so deep shines on

including on thoughts

ever so softer lights

cool a marble ball

cave drawings needs all

climbing inside

appears, hides, seeks

for ourselves found not

below we are in-throughout it does

and we do jumping

never going back

at hands and feet

nearer and clearer

descending faster together

into the bottomless abyss

whom they cannot see

don't stay in the dark

you cannot fathom what's down space at will

unbounded and beyond

Oh, wall, net they caught

swiftly to forget

who that understands this

tampers with a magic wand and more

to changes in winds or

other things that soars flows across

by and by keeps it shining paper passes shaded rocks

oaks unbroken bow in my feelings may open up for us as so mountainous as skies

as so numerous as stars dark or brite

and strange like white paper caps exploding light

that have been directions within

sounds warm waves were once often expressed what is that all about

over tops constantly 

we got one cart too much

and bends close down to reality

any forms I found might not

be at lost now all

beckons you to say this well they knew

you was here and so was I

at too much colors collided

leaping out unglued

the boulders dashes over today

from yet more upon 

for what awaits on

I don't long long linger in sunsets

I found it not that still

we are throughout rolling about

too soon will arise

outwards walking on a dusty path

out a ghost town unseen

I packed it tight

woven within those reaching

sticks and stones thrown hard

recollections we are in-throughout

snowy new heights we saw

there we are through-out

to let it slide away

warm enough for me

I dropped it off and then left

I never went back

to spinning around

on all sides now

a reason uncertain by

the lay of the lands below

I looked up in the sky

oh, was it there with white paper caps exploding light

that have been

sounds warm waves searching down

once over tops

we got one cart too much I'll try, so.


© 2018 Robert Robbie Dudley

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Added on March 13, 2017
Last Updated on September 24, 2018


Robert Robbie Dudley
Robert Robbie Dudley

Riverside, NJ

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