Over matter embraced hot summer mirror

Over matter embraced hot summer mirror

A Poem by Robert Robbie Dudley

over matter embraced

hot summer mirror

subjected chased

O' themselves and the last

wish was this 

blank pages lines burning

will verses shudder

to think about 

for it's fine air

O' revolution under the ground

and it was everything

the right time

knocked so loud

up against the wall 

what's lost will be remade

looking around

good to me but not today

by those few 

in holes revisits

at breadth search alone

found it all thereon

the tide's end long streets

fluttering in the ears as 

crystal reflected

calm Spring is up 

from nothing

to at first finding out 

both guessing a freedom

for nights explored

you looked outta from

under almost understood

in your intent here

that began again every

delight impulses should

all belongs as it is

said before only over lips

lonely soul's down 

watches the sea

are going outside to bring

a known sound now

afloat, afoot at loss with

here and there

a new rose told me

overall across letters

this one's important

sent to places forgotten

the wrong steps

outta faith hopes

prayers in the dream

splinters strange

situations from beyond

that's one step backwards

and of anybody elses

by instance glimpses

waters sublime

for your noises

say good night

parts of an arrow

drops thoughts

O' themselves issues

very shortly faces it

O' be prepared

yourself methinks

myself and I shout

as one person home

the time is gone

O' isolation

is learning

out of falling

Autumn calling

came like being really

sad and clearly dead

in trees as a fragile

world of twigs

climbing up

to views for what 

the mighty rooftop

O' Wintery

skies what do you do

after you get up from

saying everyday 

for over the top

O' drumming

beats of deep pauses 

causes early changes

that turns my absent

mind back to bed instead 

I'm floored by why not

it's carried on many windows

half up uncovered books

goes forth and scopes

off inside pictures 

seeing the high wire's edge

in the breeze 

we will still be alright

O' spirits repines again

O' puts out 

O' lets go over colors

at least an hour alone

and methinks 

finally the situation's core

bouyant could

here's heavy mud 

bled in the eyes

glowing red 

turns real slow what's true

burns without you 

and methinks

I still cannot see



© 2018 Robert Robbie Dudley

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Added on March 27, 2017
Last Updated on January 17, 2018


Robert Robbie Dudley
Robert Robbie Dudley

Riverside, NJ

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