Thus I'm Rolling Over Letters Closed

Thus I'm Rolling Over Letters Closed

A Poem by Robert Robbie Dudley

Woe;  horizons all in all will you 
Find it hard questions,  I don't mind it 
Quickly these faded 
The years are rakes,  shovels
The most part partakes worlds
Reaches over,  whirlwinds exchanges it
What is much better because
The flow understands
To those rags worn more worser now
Of explainations,  reasons
Left theirs untethered
Hold this how it was glowing leaves turning
Suddenly all in all points at posted brands
Binds between us here or there 
In strange beginnings let it begin
Readjusted to..  upon
Room,  Room,  Zoom,  Zoom
The most part partakes worlds
At sudden lightning hidden from fall
Farewell to an old boom town
Returns over all things considered too far
Blocks it out,  be it will,  reads
Thinks it out,  was it still available of tears
A song unrolls,  told me beautifully 
Looking through dreams 
Sawing in the dark woods 
Soundly dazed,  while amazed 
Totally under what purpose
Long thrown off,  half,  if not all 
The swings outlast as-like 
Then their contrast faded away
Wasn't it yesterdays linked to space
Ain't them all signed,  love
To have been wants to fly  
What must be stumbling
Differently found by
How I feel my room in the dark
Once;  disposition
At the same times,  places
So I ain't yet through
At this moment by my choice 
Sawing in the dark woods 
Soundly without patches on  
It must part from the first speech 
Of a-hope off course 
To the last piece of it    
We've not done well yet
High notes are nimble
That would seem no less so
Ohh,  so beautiful 
Opens wide,  abouts nothing 
Returns to hide inside 
I'm getting it done someway
What is much better because 
Bye-bye been nice for 
Discontentment then they all went
Under yonder head board
Always draws faces 
at the same times,  places
Things are by doing as writing 
Be to pictures scattered finding 
Mountains in the parking lot
Here's a-tender light
Hold your own in the grass
Shakespeare & Company
Radio stations of the past
Broadcast only at night
The mornings before were
Between us,  but, wasn't it
Sensing it and that's not a lot 
Another phone in view
Whenever excels forwards
The painter's name 
Upon these crevices
Blotting out more
To have an inkling there's 
A darkness it's already made
Ohh,  go,  Sweetheart 
A passionate thread
There has to be another way
Once;  disposition
Each thing apart
Is this cover over me
Isn't that a record of it
Shall we this moment
Shall we be now  
Put it on,  thus
I'm rolling over letters closed

© 2018 Robert Robbie Dudley

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Added on October 1, 2017
Last Updated on January 3, 2018


Robert Robbie Dudley
Robert Robbie Dudley

Riverside, NJ

THE NIGHT'S SHINING ROAD COVERS ME, i'LL READ. oh, poetry a random ray of light shining golden drops in dripping from the ceiling, the corners i like it to lay it down on the ground meaning w.. more..