Another Peace Gone

Another Peace Gone

A Poem by Rogerh

When will peace come?

Another Peace Gone

Just when I think that peace has come

I hear of another shot or another bomb

I hear the sounds of parents and widows cry

I hear the voices of the innocent ones die

Can't you see we're tearing this world apart

With the stop of just one persons heart

Why is spreading love around so hard to do

When hate seems to spread easy as the flu?

Will there be peace for the children to come

Or is peace just a wish for the dumb?

I pray every day for peace the world to find

Then I see what has become of mankind

I have no faith in peace anymore in my lifetime

I just hope our children peace they are able to find

If the world is still here for them to grow up in

I hope that it is better for them than it has been

Change it, change it, change it if you can

We have to bring peace to man

Before it is to late

© 2017 Rogerh

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OK. So I going to be brutal. You have had tough breaks and it shows in your poems. I have no problem with the sentiments but you are striving for rhyme and being let down by metre. For example. Your second stanza only needs to drop a couple of words to make it flow. Try this for the first two lines.
Why is spreading of love so hard to do
When hate seems to spread easy as flu?
Now that flows don't you think. Just work your way through it like that and you should have a groovy thing that should make you feel a whole heap better and maybe start writing about the daisys. I wish you well and hope that you are not offended by my thoughts. 🐳

Posted 1 Year Ago


1 Year Ago

Thank you Gan Do
it reminds me of a painter that takes out a blank canvas. In it he uses all sorts of paint to demonstrate his love for his craft. Colorization throughout his experience leaving the outcome to his adoring fans. Such as rapping or poetry same illustration is initiated to demonstrate the glory of his craft

Posted 1 Year Ago


1 Year Ago

Thanks Mario

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