The hypnotic wheel of deceit

The hypnotic wheel of deceit

A Poem by poetry-kiddo alienbaba

Arent we there yet...


It takes super-human effort to see beyond the hypnotic veil of deceit. Hypnotists everywhere... In every thing we do... In every exhalation of our breath...the predecessor to the moment of submission.. every frozen second of exaltation...every taken decision..every thing eaten..every thing drunk..every particle inhaled..every vision seen but not minutely observed.. Every word uttered.. Every hint of behavioral nuance..every bat of an eyelid..everything heard..but not analysed.. Every vibe given out and received.. But not felt..every picture every painting..every hidden thought becomes a haunting..every thing on TV..everyyyyything...everything and everyone in a movie...everyyyyooone...and in the aural airwaves ..emitting from towers to the rural and suburban dwellings of extra terrestrials.. Shipped from another realm in another warped-space where time is of no consequence..and they lead us on and on and we...we ..we keep turrrrrning turning even after they have gone.

The hypnotic wheels' rotation is neither clockwise nor anticlockwise.. But judging in a skeptical sense out of phase elliptical orbit.. Difficult to perceive with this frail grey mass assuming intellect.. But can be damaging to an individual and the psyche and worse still to a family, a community and larger groups like Countries and nationalities in general. To be subliminally force-fed in mental perspective what isn't great for your constitution ..and evolution...and without your consent or knowledge called COVERT HYPNOTISM!!!
My people... be wary ..and stay guarded. 
Ride on the ethereal wings of the omnipresent faithful cosmic wave at all times and in every state of mind. Then everything is all right... It is. P.s sometimes I wonder if I am that hypnotist.. Well ..I'd rather not be...knowing ..I am you ..and.. you are me!

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poetry-kiddo alienbaba
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Added on August 18, 2016
Last Updated on August 18, 2016
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poetry-kiddo alienbaba
poetry-kiddo alienbaba

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