let go

let go

A Poem by rosalie

letting go of the past. you don't know what the future holds. let go and be free


Let go

There are ghosts in her eyes but she covers it up with a smile. Blood trickled down her wrist but she didn't mind. She tries her hardest to look good but she still feels ugly. People don't understand that even the smallest insult can harm us just as the biggest ones. Her heart beats fast while she sits on the broken window sill. Avoiding life. she wants to run away and never look back, from the people she knows, the good and the bad, she wants to run away, start again. New identity, new being. she's moving on. No more waiting. No more wanting, only taking. she's tired of the lies. she’s tired of the empty words. she's tired of the pain. she leaves tonight. she starts over. Can't she start over before it's over. Take a breath of fresh air. Taking it all in. A new life. Free to be me. But you can’t. You can try as hard as you need but the demons follow. New demons join. You push harder but you only sink further. One more chance. One more try. That's when it's goodbye. Say goodbye to the demons that haunt your past. Say goodbye to the demons that haunt your future. Take a breath and scream. This is not over. You still have a fight. You are stronger than the words that push you down.  You are stronger then the dreams that torment your sleep. You are stronger than you believe. Push back harder. Harder than you've ever done. Don't let them push you down. Wake up and feel it in your soul. See it in your bones. Don't try to leave and start a new life. Stay and fix the beautiful one you have now. It's never too late. Dance with demons and show them you are free. They can’t hold you. they can’t have you, not now and not ever. Stand up and scream. Stand up and breath. Let go of the past. Let go of the ropes keeping you from being free. If you never let go how do you know what’s ahead. Let go and scream. Let go and breath. Let go and finally be free.

© 2017 rosalie

Author's Note

take a deep breath. take one step and be free. I wish you all well.

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Someimes it's harder letting go than reaching out for something new.the future is unknown and that's frightening. Written in great detail because your own emotions were behind it.well done

Posted 11 Months Ago

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Added on November 21, 2017
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Auckland, New Zealand

Ive always loved writing but I've never had the confidence to share my work, until one day a friend told me to be an island in a world of continents. they told me to be myself and not worry about what.. more..

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