Ghost Files: Amongst the Gravestones

Ghost Files: Amongst the Gravestones

A Story by Rose Kelly

This is a short story that was turned into a webisode You can also read more of the Ghost Files stories at

In the setting sun’s light the old historic graveyard in Tucson looked almost inviting. As thought friendly spirits could ask you to din with them on a picnic cloth and watch the warm golden sunset below the tree line. The Ghost Files team walked carefully and with a little too much speed through the yard, the graves jetting out in front of them. Ted couldn’t help but think that a grave could juts as easily reach out a grab him as a hand could.
Jude was careful to keep extra close to Lisa, whose eyes grew wider as the team headed deeper into the century old yard of tombs and gravestone. As soon as Eva had given Jude permission to head up this expedition Jude knew it was his chance to get a little closer to Lisa, who he had been infatuated with since their first meeting when had found them all on Craig’s List four months ago.
Looking around the growing darkness as the sun began to slowly crawl beneath the treetops Lisa asked the team “What do we do now?”
Jude pushed his way forward and answered, “We should split into teams and try to feel contact.”
Ted glared at Jude but nodded anyway. “I’ll lead team 1 with Mary.” He said.
Lisa looked at Jude and had to stop herself form wincing. He’d been trying to team up with her for months and Eva had kept on saving her time and again.
“That's fine. Lisa you'll be with me.” Jude said, a smile crossing his face that would not have been misplaced on a frog.
Jude walked along the chipped and wind marked edges of the grey gravestones until he stopped and looked down at the stone in front of his right foot. Jude quickly sat down on the ground near the gravestone. Lisa sat down with him and waited for whatever was going to happen. She almost jumped when Jude spoke and not a ghost.
“Get the video on.” Jude said.
“It's been on.” Lisa replied, trying to catch something dark at the edge of her vision.
They both sat in the dark together as the quietness became ever more eerie.
Lisa looked at her camera, “Something doesn't seem right.” She said.
“Yes, I’m not sure what it is.” Jude agreed.
 Lisa shook her head, “I don't know either. I haven’t seen anything on the camera.” She said.
“I’m going to go sit over there and we'll find out if anything wants to contact just one of us.” Jude said, getting up ad walking over to nearby tree whose roots sprouted up around graves.
“That's a good idea.” Lisa said but Jude had walked away already.
He sat down and looked out over the graves, Lisa’s form outlined by the light of her camera. Jude thought this was a pretty decent view for a graveyard.
Meanwhile Ted dashingly, in his mind, led his ‘team’, taking careful notice not to trip on a grave and look foolish. He held out his instruments, a voice recorder and a camera, as thought they were straight from NASA.
“So you see why we have to use all the different types of gear. It’s the only way to make sure we cover all of our electro frequencies.” Ted informed Mary as they walked through the trees.
Mary nodded and looked around, “Yeah, it sounds fine. I’m just glad one of us knows how to use the stuff.”
“It is. Of course some rocks give off the wrong sort of frequency and mess with the gear.” Ted said very seriously.
Ted and Mary stooped dead in their tracks as the Cameraman let out a cry of shock.
“Do you see that?” the cameraman asked, barley able to keep filming Ted and Mary because his hands were shaking so hard.   
“I’m not seeing anything. Is it still there?” Mary asked as her gaze roamed the distance.
Later on in ht evening once the Ghost Files team and crew were back in their motel the cameraman described what he had seen as a kind of small shapeless darkness within the dark, ‘like a shadow in the trees’ he had told them while holding a stiff drink in one hand and his keys in the other.

© 2011 Rose Kelly

Author's Note

Rose Kelly
Tell me what you think about the short story vs. the web show. Does the feeling come across?

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Added on September 5, 2011
Last Updated on September 5, 2011
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Rose Kelly
Rose Kelly

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