A Poem by R. A. Merritt

Revision of a poem about social and political animus


By R. A.  Merritt

Once there was boy who kept his head in the clouds

He was trying to hear God by ignoring the crowds

He was sick of the noise and the constant disdain

The endless malice that was their refrain

Forgive me folks he'd tell them quite loud

I prefer my head up in a cloud

I prefer to hear God to what you purport

I prefer God to your noxious sort

And so those gathered 'round pointed and glared

He wouldn't take sides and this they despaired

You know kid that ain't the way 

This world works any more today

You have to hate those who don't agree

Civility these days is but banality

And once more he'd tell them

Tell them quite loud 

I prefer my head up in a cloud

I prefer to hear God that is my choice

I prefer to hear God to your hateful voice

And so he continued and prayed each day

That they could hear too what God had to say

Until you know it became very clear

God would never reach their ear

They were deaf to words from above

To not hate your neighbor but merely to love

And so his decision his decision he made

And to God he sorely prayed

Please dear Lord he cried aloud

Pull me up above these clouds

Pull me up above this hate

I've grown quite sick of it of late 

And then he was gone vanished from view

From those about who boiled in their stew

He'd made his decision he had a choice

And all he hears now is but God's voice

And it was a comfort a comfort indeed

If they only knew that's what they need

Ignore the malice the bantering crowds

And just stick your head up above in the clouds

© 2014 R. A. Merritt

Author's Note

R. A. Merritt
This country has been far to intolerant as far as politics goes.

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Added on September 28, 2014
Last Updated on September 28, 2014
Tags: Intolerance, political disdain


R. A. Merritt
R. A. Merritt

Rocky Point, NC

65 year old retired US Postal Worker and partially disabled veteran. more..