"Her Glacier" By Sachiko Ruaya

"Her Glacier" By Sachiko Ruaya

A Poem by Sachiko Ruaya

A poem based on Vatnajökull Glacier Cave, Iceland.


“Her Glacier” " Sachi Ruaya 8B


Laying down on the shattered glass

I breathe in the shards

Letting the seeping blood drip…




The ripples resonate and echo,

On the disheartened, crying ice…

Eyes… dropping… crystals

Covered my saddened heart

Who, I scream a silent, dry scream

…as if I am in space, underwater


To my weeping eyes, “I am sorry for the wasted tears.”

I whisper to the silence, with my vivid vision

The vivid vision blurred by the saltwater tears

Can only see the back of the person I loved…

FADE…into the mist of tears


The ice that weep with me, from my ripped feet,

Shatters as I am taken to the abyss…

The very abyss of my own heart


I, slowly taken down, down…as I struggle against,

Against the deathly, cold water

As the rose thorns grasp my feet…they take me

To pitch-dark black…


To the prison I made myself…


Here at the ocean floor,

The place that is made out of my own tears

I wait…where the ashes remain

As I hope the pressure of the seven seas…

Of my own heart, turns me into diamonds…

The other part of me, who lives much above me…

Where the snow punches your ragged skin,

In the heart of the land of fire and ice,

Awaits, in the concave of a glacier…


Aimlessly around the blue glass tsunami,

Breathing in the untainted, crisp cool air

Eyes floating aimlessly

Eyes twinkling endlessly


This slow walking giant, taking centuries for each step

Covers the land with its azure ice like a blanket

Treading on the works of any weathering

Glitters with streaks of endless blue…



O’ the beauty of the blue streaks!

Each a different shade,

Describes the indescribable

…His exquisite beauty,


Walls as waves and ripples

Of water that has been frozen in time

Forms those very streaks!

Sapphire, Tiffany, Sky, Zaffre, Royal, Navy, Azure and Midnight blue

In bliss…all dancing merrily in this very cave

…an ultimate Eternal Dance


She, white light, origin of the viva Earth

Smiles through His crystal

Giving colour and light to His life

Givin’ His form…the Blue Crystal Tsunami.


Romance, like lovers waltzing

even if one of them…will not make it ‘till the end

even if one of them…is slowly killing the other

She, who gives beauty to the giant

I, who lives way below them,

cannot compete…


A warm-blooded creature of the land…

It, who decides to wander inside…

runs Its hands on the mosaic of blue

To It, the ice seems to glide

As the twinkling light of the crystal cave winks…

Picturing the two together…


Below the glacier " inside the very cave- lays a beach


O’ the beach of his tears…when he weeps with me

Slowly melting away…


Either way,

His blue is much apart from mine…

Sleeplessly, I lay down on the shattered glass

Endlessly, breathing in the stabbing shards

As I accept my fate…way below Him


Him.” “Blue Glass Tsunami” = Vatnajökull glacier cave, Iceland

The Land of Fire and Ice” = Iceland. Iceland is known to have volcanoes next to glaciers.

White light, Origin of the viva Earth” “She” = Sun

Beach of his tears” = A ‘beach’ located in the cave itself. The sand is made out of ‘crystal’.

A warm-blooded creature of the land” = A person. Human

Pictures them together” = Takes a picture of the cave with a camera

Even if one of them…is slowly killing the other” = The sun is melting the ice

I” = A landform that sunk to the bottom of the sea, just below the cave. (i.e. ‘the third wheel’)











         “…and here I await. For her glacier. Who I knew will never come”


                          -Sachi Ruaya 8B





© 2017 Sachiko Ruaya

Author's Note

Sachiko Ruaya
What do you think of the structure and the words I chose?

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The imagery so powerful. Transcending the natural state and blending your soul to it. Beautiful.

Posted 10 Months Ago

Its got a vivid opened with the glass imagery and the blood dripping, tears is probably your most used word, its obviously one of the major themes. A good poem to be sure.

Posted 1 Year Ago

Sachiko Ruaya

12 Months Ago

Thank you for the overview. I am glad you liked it!

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Sachiko Ruaya
Sachiko Ruaya

Melbourne, Australia


A Story by Sachiko Ruaya