Alphabet Amography

Alphabet Amography

A Poem by rutherford

Childish nonsense and if you don't find it too juvenile, I'll finish the alphabet with later posts.



Admen Averted

Albert Alagash's Alsatian Ape, Arthur, alerted Augustus, about approaching avaricious admen.

Aborted Aardvark Adoption

Aldolphus admitted attempted abduction against Alonzo's Aardvark, Amos, albeit as an adoption.


Bombastic Bangs

Bombardier Bob's B-17 buzzed Bitman's Bunker bursting Bergdorf's Bratwurst.

Bartolme balked before Beatrice's Baloney bake.


Care Concerning Congac

Careless Carlos's coarse cognac consumption combined croutons causing Carlos’s collapse; consequently, Carlos's corpulent carcass.

Cravat Commandment

Calvin coveted Cadwalter's caramel colored cravat.

For Chuck

Charlie's chip Chester chortled churiously chucking churned chutney chasing


Disastrous Dalliance

Demure Dagmar's distinguishing dirndl distracted Dave's derelict doormmate, Donny during Dimity's discus demonstration.

Disgusted, Dimity demanded Donny's dismissal. Dejected, Donny dottered downtown.

Dangerously deluded, Dagmar decided Deutsche dressing distinguished damsels.

D Extra

Dexter derided Dorfman's Dirigible dreams.


Eclectic Emissions of E

Ernistine emasculated Ernie's electric eel, Emmit.

Eunice excluded Ezekiel's energetic Eurasian emmu, Erasmus.

Emit's enigmatic expressions evaded even Evan's educated evaluation.

East El Paso evangelist, Eustis, espoused effusive elixirs.


Festooned in False Fur Fezzes
Fig farmer Fabious formed fake fezzes fooling far-sighted furrier Fernando.


Goiter Gawkers
Gabriella's Gibbon, Grover, grabbed Gertrude's gigantic goiter giving gawkers giggles.


Hedgehog Honor
Hector harangued Harrod's hodcarrying hedgehogs however harassed.

Hamster Hubris

However humble, Huguenot Horace's homicidal highland hog hordes hectored Hester's haughty hamster, Hercules.

Halibut Homage

Hermit Hiram's hackneyed heartfelt homilies heckled Harry's Hibernian halibut Hermes.

IIIIIIago’s Interludes

Insane Iago insisted in interminable intermissions incensing Ian's invitedInverness in-laws.

"It's Idiocy!" interjected Ian.

Immersed in innuendo, Ivan ironically ignored Iago's interruptions, instead issued Ismerlda

invitations involving Italian impressionism.

Incidentally, Ian inevitably inherited intestate.


Jerky Jerry judiciously just jettisons jell-o.

Juggernaught Judah jeopardizes jughead Jonah's jellyfish Jimmy.

Jingoist Jubal jibes Jute Jack Johnson's jury-rigged junk.

Joyless jurists jeered jubilant John's jottings. John's joinder, "Jeez! Just joking."

[the last is autobiographical]


K #161

Karl kept kyboshing kleptomaniac Kyrgyz.


Lust Leads to Lethargy

Lusty Lamont lured long lost Lou Anne leaving Lothar lethargic.


Mixing Monocles and Mahjong
Moechtar mercilessly maligned Moppet's mauve monocle making more mahjong-matches meaningless.

Monkies Motivate

Mandrake's monkey manifesto motivated mild Milkmen.


Never Not Notice a Nebblewurfer
Norton's nere-do-well niece, Nester, naughtily nabbed []nicknacks, not noticing Ned's Nebblewurfer



Oscar's offspring, Orville of Olmstead, Ohio, overdosed overaged ocelots of Omaha.

Occupational Overload

Omnivorous, over-achiever Omar Olson of Ogalla, overlooked occupations of oncologist, ornithologist, organ-grinder, or optician, obliquely observing obedience on odious offenses.


Papist Problems

Pembrooke's penultimate proof perpetuated pernicious Papal pettifoggery.  Pity poor plebeians!

Pummeling Parapets?

Pugnacious Pete's pugilistic pursuits prompted pee-wee Pedro purchasing parapets.


Quaker Quashers

Quirky Quaker's quashed quahogs.
Quayside, querulous Qunicy's quartermaster quizzed, "queer."
"Quiet! quoth Quincy.
"Quagmire?" questioned Quartermaster.
"Quakers, quit quashing!" quipped Quincy.

Quonset Quest

Quinnella's quaint Quonset-hut quelled Quimby's quirks.


Real Ranting

Rancorous Rex's rantings rendered riots.


A Story of Substandard Sophistry
Seymore's shoddy sophistry surprised Senor Sirus.
Sirus Summoned Seymore.
"Silly," said Sirus.
"So," sneered Seymore.
"Smart-aleck," Sirus sur-replied.
"Sue," snickered Seymore.
"Seems suitable," shouted Sirus.

Splendor in the Splash
Spilane's spirited sprite spoiled spectacular sprinting splattering spoiled spaghetti, spilling spittoons.


Tales Traveling to Toledo

The tiny Turk's tunic tugged tantalizingly tight teasing Tom's tactless Tuvan tactician.  Tomorrow, Tom takes the Tuvan to task. Tisk, tisk.

Teutonic Toughness

Tungsten Tiger treads trammeled Toulouse's truffle tarts.


Unger's Undoing

Unmasked, Unger's unbridled unmitigated umbrage.


Victor's Verse.

Venal vendor Victor's vinegar veal victimized various Viceroys.


Well-made Wigwams Worth Weight in Wampum

Wannamaker's wicked wife Wilemena wantonly wilded without warning.

Wednesday, Wilemena whipped Womack's white weasels with wicker

while Walt's wigwam withstood Wilemena's wailing.

Waton Weirdness

Warwick waxed whimsically wanting white wine with waffles.

Weary waiters warily wondered whether Warwick went wacky.

Winifred's Weakness Were Whirly-Gigs

Wigmore's whirly-gig wobbled when winds were westerly which wowed winsome Winifred.

Wyoming Wisdom

Wizened Wyoming Wilbur warned Wayne, "Watch Wombats when weed-whacking winters."


X-man Xeres

Xeres x-rayed Xanadu.


Variations on a Theme of Y
Standard: Your yellow yurt yonder Yogi.
Southern (with Texas variant): Y'all, Yogi's yellow yurt yonder. Yahoo!
Rap: Yo! Yo! Yo! Yogi's Yurt!



Zamboni Zealot, Ziggy, zestily zonked zydeco zithers. Zounds!!!

Zoinist zombies zig-zaged, Zulu Zeke's Zeppelins.

Zany, Zack zinged Zorastrian ziggurats.

Zoologist Ziegler's zip-gun zapped Zaireian Zebras.

© 2013 rutherford

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Not too juvenile at all - fun wordplay here, John! You rose to this challenge admirably!

Posted 4 Years Ago


4 Years Ago

Thanks Rita. A sign of my regressing.
I am it an alliterative trance. Score Mr. Seuss.

Posted 4 Years Ago


4 Years Ago

Hey thanks -- your endorsement is all i need. will add the rest that may make your trance turn into.. read more

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