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Originally, this was intended to be a potential prologue or explanation for The Road by Cormac McCarthy, but now I see it as sort of a rough outline for a book series I will write. Enjoy

"My God, It is happening, after all of our efforts, it is still happening" I whispered, my own voice sounding hollow in my ears as the news of eminent destruction came through the television. For three years, the western nations of the world have been at war with The Caliph and his Muslim servants. Longer really, but those were just extended conflicts which were misnamed wars, like The War on Terror during the begging of the century; before the Islamic nations of the world ever even united under one radical Caliphate.

All of this began in the late 2000s when the United States' Ballistic Missile Defense Organization, secretly began to construct Nuclear Missile Defense Satellites (N.M.D.S), which would automatically detect Nuclear Missiles as they were launched, and destroy them upon arrival of an atmosphere level in which their detonation would do no physical damage to the people of Earth. The project was completed by 2030 and immediately the U.S brought the attention of this technology to the United Nations. In less than a year there was not a region of Earth which was not protected by at least three N.M.D.S's, for the entire world emptied their bank accounts to fund this. There was one condition which the U.N had and the U.S complied: None of these N.M.D.S were to be run by any government, they were to be self run and automated as they are fully capable of, any maintenance required must be done by a team appointed by the U.N.

 At last, the United States was able to put an end to their thirty year balancing game and pull out of the Middle East. However, this enabled the current head of the now much larger Taliban, Mazen Mahtab, to conquest. His philosophy was that if he were to unite all the Islamic Nations under one government, he would be setting the stage for inevitable Islamic Hegemony, Sharia Law enacted world wide. Quickly the Muslim World melted into his hands though of course none gave over willing. Some countries were easier taking than others, due to the deep preexisting penetration of the Taliban within their governments, among these were Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Libya. Next was Turkey, Iran, then Iraq, and eventually all of the Islamic Nations. 

The United States did nothing to stop this. The public sentiment in America was that they had run their tab full on intervention for the Middle East. Though it was always a hot topic, the majority of America had a clear consciousnesses. Economic reasons to jump in were lacking just as much as moral reasons; America had stopped relying on the Middle East for petroleum when one of the world's largest oil deposits (found in North Dakota) became drill-able. Europe had not much of an economic incentive to intervene either, they had already years before boycotted oil from the Middle East. From a moral stand point, much of the world did want to step in, but when the World's Police strays from an opportunity to play super hero, the rest are inclined to stay neutral.  

So, in a matter of seventeen years, the Muslim World had a new name, Dawah, (which translated to "Propagation of Islam") and a new face; the Islamic leaders named Mazen Mahtab, The Caliph, making him the spiritual leader of all "loyal" Muslims and the absolute ruler of Dawah. The year was now 2059, ten years had passed since the naming of the Caliph and nothing had been done, no attacks. But, this did not put the rest of the world much at ease, for they were constructing a formidable military. Finally, Mahtab made his move and he struck Israel provoking the immediate response of the United States and Great Britain. However, during these ten years, Mahtab had made it his primary goal to earn the affection of as many Muslims as he could worldwide so when the time came, he could order them. As soon as The United States and Great Britain declared war, The Caliph ordered all Muslims to revolt against their governments and to kill as many infidels as possible. 

This spun the entire world into chaos, particularly England and and other European nations, which gave Muslims more than their fair share of leg room. In retrospect, America was not too badly off, but they had to split their forces. Some were guarding home, others were sent to aid Europe and other nations which required assistance. American troops were sent to Israel but it was not enough, it would have been had Britain sent troops, but they were greatly preoccupied for such a large percentage of their country were radical Muslims.

Since then it has been a desperate fight to secure order. The war was finally looking like it was coming to an end, world wide the revolts had been crushed. We were pushing them further and further into their territory. They must have had this plan from the begging, a back up plan. Just three hours ago, they launched EMPs into space, enough of them to knock out the N.M.D.S's. And according to the news they have drug up the old Nuclear Missiles and begun to launch them, in twelve hours, we can all be dead. 

© 2013 Ryan Walker

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This is a great story, it's deep and has meaning, well done keep it up.

Posted 5 Years Ago

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Ryan Walker
Ryan Walker

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