Accidents Happen

Accidents Happen

A Chapter by Sam

"I don't know what to do Carson! I can't take this from him, I can't.. At least not until I'm sure he's what I want." I cry into the shoulder of my best friend. 
"Amelia, I don't know what you're so worried about. Graham's in love with you and he just wants to show it."
"Oh yeah because being comfortable with someone just means the world to a two year girlfriend." 
"Almost two year."
"Whatever," I roll my eyes at Carson's insensitivity. 

He always acts this way whenever I go on about things like this.

"Mels because I am a guy growing up in today's emotionally guarded society, I know what us guys do to you girls when we want to keep someone." Carson explains softly as he draws circles on my back. "Graham thinks that you're worth all his time and that being comfortable with you means he's not going anywhere anytime soon. He loves you Amelia, stop making things bigger than they already are." 

"But you don't understand what I'm trying to tell you. It's not the fact that he gave me that amazing ring," My eyes glance over to my nightstand to lock gazes with the big declaration of love, "It's the fact that I almost opened my stupid mouth and told him why I didn't want to accept it."
"Why didn't you want to accept it?" 
"Because of our relationship. To everyone else we're the best couple to ever walk the Earth, but when it comes to my point of view, it's just the same thing everyday. Graham and I go through the same motions whenever for whatever and I always know what to do because it's happened before. I just want to be able to sit there and be totally clueless about what's going on in Graham's head or what he has planned for me later when it's just the two of us. The idea of always knowing things just takes the sparkle out of things for me a bit... Ya feel?"
"I feel." Carson chuckles before yawning widely into the morning sun. "Well wouldn't you think things would be better if you actually talked to Graham about this?" 
"I don't know how he would take it."
"You're not going to know if you don't try."

I slowly nod my head as a comfortable silence fills the room. Maybe Carson is right.. I should tell Graham all of this. But, the thoughts of telling him all this honestly scares me. He'd be so devastated and hurt and, I don't want to ever do anything like that to him. I care about him too much. Plus having the whole idea of Graham hating me is just even worse. It would be like- 

I feel myself stumble out of my thoughts and into the real world once Carson looks at me with eyes full of panic. 
"What's wrong?" I question, suddenly feeling nervous. 
"I accidentally butt dialed Graham from my phone." 
"Oh?" Why does there have to be such a fuss over that? Everybody butt dials someone at least once in their lifetime
"Oh? What do you mean 'oh'? Apparently I got his voicemail while we were talking so that means he is going to hear everything you said!"

My eyes widen to he size of quarters as the realization of me being in deep s**t dawns on me.

"Oh my god! Carson you idiot! What is the matter with you?"
"Don't blame this on me, you're the one who had to bring all that stuff up."
"Because you're my best friend fool, I'm supposed to bring 'that stuff' up! Besides, you're the one who randomly butt dialed Graham!"
"We have to do something!" 
"I know! But what do we do?- Wait! What do I do?" 
"Do you know where he is right now?"
"He said he was going to come over around nine to give me breakfast, so I think we have enough time to go over to his house and delete the voicemail from his phone." 
"Yeah, I'm sure we'd be able to do all of that in five minutes Mels."
"What are you talking about?" 
"It's eight fifty-five." 

Oh no. 

"We have to get moving! Start up your car!" I yell at Carson with all my might while running down the stairs. 
"I don't have any gas!" 

I instantly freeze in place to actually turn around and stare at my "best friend". Out of all the times he could be low on gas, it just had to be now when my relationship is at stake. 

"Just get your life together Carson," I mumble before throwing my closest pair of shoes on. "It's not helping any of us right now." 

And when it seemed things couldn't get any worse, I hear the familiar hum of Graham's car hit my ears as he pulls into my driveway. I try to rush Carson back up the stairs before Graham comes inside but it's too late, Graham's standing right in front of me with a Panera Bread breakfast bag, medium hot cocoa, and Express bag all at hand. His eyes shift between Carson and I before pecking me on the cheek and letting himself into the kitchen. We both follow him shortly as I remind Carson of the plan to delete the voicemail off of Graham's phone through various hand signals and violent whispers. 

"Good morning sweetheart," Graham smiles sweetly, "Morning Carson."
"Good morning babe." I squeak while stepping to give Graham a hug.

His lanky, long arms wrap around my waist, drawing tiny circles on my bare back, sending shivers down my body. Despite the pleasure flowing through my body, my eyes never leave his phone on the countertop facing upward. Carson's eyes seem to have noticed Graham's phone too because he's slowly reaching for it by my boyfriend's butt. As an attempt to distract him, I tilt my head up to Graham's and stare into his eyes. That cute smile of his makes his way onto his face and I can't help but smile back at him. He honestly is such a beautiful boy, on the inside and outside. 

How could I be so selfish and ungrateful to someone who loved the love out of me? 

Carson's weak- and extremely slow- attempt to grab Graham's phone is foiled when he turns around to pick it up. 

"Time for a beautiful photo op with my loving girlfriend, taken by her best friend." Graham smiles cutely before handing his phone to Carson. 

My eyes widen at Carson's easiest passage way ever to delete the voicemail, silently screaming and hoping that he realizes his opportunity. My eyes widen a little bit as my pupils enlarge from anticipation and hunger. 

I really want to rip open the Panera bag but I want to delete that voicemail too. 

My best friend peers up from behind Graham's iPhone and slightly glances at me, nodding his head. He silently tells me, "the deed is done" before snapping the picture for Graham. A huge wave of relief spurs throughout my body fast as I realize how much trouble I've just avoided. To make things even better for me, I grab the Panera bag and start tearing away at the food I'm front of me. Graham's eyes watch me with delight when he holds up an Express bag. 

"We're going out later sweetheart, to-"
"One of George's end of summer parties? I know." 
"Great, I'll pick you up at eight so we can head over together." Graham pauses to grab his keys off the kitchen counter. He probably has to pick up a few things for tonight. "But I've gotta run, I love you." 
"I love you too and-"
"Tanks for the breakfast? Yeah, absolutely no problem at all darling." 

He leans down and softly places his mouth on mine for a few seconds before nodding out to Carson and leaving. 

© 2015 Sam

Author's Note

please ignore the possible grammar errors and thanks for reading!

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A Chapter by Sam