What's More Important in Life: Experience or Education?

What's More Important in Life: Experience or Education?

A Story by Of Stars and Whales and Sam Bova

This is an opinion piece for a newspaper.


To begin with, this article is not about whether experience or education is needed to land a successful job. The two go hand in hand in that stance; you need both a proper education and experience in your field in order to get the job you want. However, this is about whether experience or education is more important in general life, and in order to lead a rich, fruitful life which has an impact on the world around you and inspires others to do the same.


In the classroom, we often find ourselves drowned in our studies, and so much so that we forget to spend time with our families, explore the world around us, and relax outdoors and breathe. What’s most important is having your priorities go hand in hand with your time.

In America, some studies show that a mere 45-50% of families regularly sit down around the dinner table together each night. And according to a recent study commissioned by Highland Springs, the average American parent spends an average of 34 minutes undistracted with their children per day.

The reason for this? Because modern day life is too stressful for kids and parents alike. This is because their lives are too exhausted by work, school, homework, and paperwork.

Sometimes, these kids (and adults) get too caught up in their school work to really experience life and make memories to last a lifetime. And many of these memories would come not from staying within the walls of a home with homework, electronic gadgets, and television, but in the great outdoors and the natural world.

It’s not about the work experience, it’s about the life experience of feeling new emotions and old emotions, taking long walks, meeting new friends and being reunited with old friends. All an education can do is provide a job and money to live. Everything else is all about what you do with what life gives you.

So, if you really want to look into this question of what is most important, there are two things that correlate with it. There is the natural world, and there is our place, as humans, in this natural world and how life plays out if we don’t take care of it. This is because when a student’s education is completed and they are sent out into the world, the most important qualities these individuals need to have is maturity, individuality, and an understanding of their own self. Before someone can understand anything, they need to understand their self, and if that doesn’t happen, their lives will be confusing and destructive.

Each person needs to exist on this planet in a way that is not destructive to the lives of the people around them or harmful to the planet that we need to survive. So when people go out into the world and litter, put unnatural things down the toilet (because all drains lead to the ocean), cut down forests, and put waste out into the atmosphere, our planet pays the price and the environment is damaged.

Take America, for example, before colonization.

America was a pristine place full of wildlife and vibrant trees covering land stretching everywhere throughout. Everything was filled with the sublime and the quiet of nature. This was before, of course, European men discovered the New World and forests were cleared for fields and fuel. Then, the depletion of the wilderness would help build cities and create one of the wealthiest countries in the world.

So what is my point in saying this? Well, sometimes we forget that there is a peace and quiet in the world, amidst what is now big cities and honking cars and tall buildings. Sometimes you can hear it on the bend of a mountain slope, or the crash of the ocean waves, or underneath the magnitude of a trillion stars. Our lives don’t have to be centered around our test scores and homework.                                   

The point of an education is to develop kids the right way in order to then develop society the right way. Today, it seems the mentality of society as a whole is centered not around the wellbeing of everyone, but the prospect of each individual wanting to outdo everyone else.

And some, when completely suppressed by anger, even have the will to murder their own kind, as if in the 21st Century mankind is no better than ruthless savages that turn against one another and need to kill to survive.

We as humans fight against each other. In a perfect world everyone fights for each other. But it doesn’t happen.

And why is this?

Because many people in the world today just can’t figure themselves or the world out, and because of it the world suffers consequences in the form of gunfire, smoke, hate, and ruin.

Through experiencing life, whether as an optimistic, open minded child or a middle-aged, depressed adult, you need to find the confidence to be an adventurous and unapologetic person for knowing and seeking what you want.

An education can’t find that for you. Putting yourself in the middle of a chaotic everyday life can’t find that for you. Only truly experiencing life can do that. This isn’t to say education is not important, because it is one of the most important things in life. But the thing is, more important than education is Faith, Family, Maturity, Love, Health, and...Experience to apply the knowledge gained in one’s education.

The problems in the world today exist because of people who can’t make any sense of the world and try to make a problem out of everything. The way you mature and grow as a person is by experiencing life. You’ve got to enjoy the journey.

And education is a journey in itself. You just can’t let it consume you. If you allow the number of A’s you earn in school to define you, you’ll miss out on the richer experiences the world has to offer.

And besides, before you can understand what you learn in school, you have to understand yourself.

© 2016 Of Stars and Whales and Sam Bova

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Subjective to the individual.... some polymath's need nothing more than an outlet.

But on average... A disciplined education can be relatively brief and still take you places - but only trial and error over time kind of experience lights the darkness. Education is augmented by experience anyway... the "teaching moments". That being said, stay in school as long as you can. Get a Phd in llama psychiatry if you must - risk less learning is always a good time. I smoked a lot of weed a few minutes ago, apologies for any typos or if this made no sense.

Also, I paid no technical attention to your writing, it may have been awful. But the ideas you put forth are outstanding. I do drugs, like I said before.

Posted 1 Year Ago

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I love your article. It explores both avenues slightly leaning towards experience being the front runner. You made a lot of great insightful points and gave good examples. Great job!

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Of Stars and Whales and Sam Bova

1 Year Ago

Thanks! Is there anything I can do better? Please say something :-)

1 Year Ago

I didn't see anything regarding your article that i can say needs serious work, otherwise i would've.. read more
this is very good and well written, makes me wanna read a school paper lolz, good job and keep up the good work...i look forward too reading other things you write

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Of Stars and Whales and Sam Bova

1 Year Ago

Thanks! anything I can change? Please say something :-)
untimely stories

1 Year Ago

i dont see anything wrong with it...but your better off asking more experienced writers that than me.. read more
Try saying "Before Europeans discovered the New World," that way you're not putting the blame on one group.

I still think that you have two separate stories here. In one story you are talking about the benefits of experiencing life in order to live a full and fruitful life. In the other, I think you are talking about how man, as a species is corrupt and damaging.

It is better and more readable. I suggest editing it down some more. Put it away for a day without thinking about it then read it over again with fresh eyes. That is the process many writers use. A lot of journalists and novelists will cut their original work in half.

Keep at it.

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Of Stars and Whales and Sam Bova

1 Year Ago

Thanks. Will do.
Of Stars and Whales and Sam Bova

1 Year Ago

I made some changes. How is it now?
Interesting points. I say it's good to have moderation in all things. Both education and experience go hand and hand like lock and key.

Posted 1 Year Ago

I do not have time to proof read the entire article. However, I would recommend rearranging the first paragraph. Tell us what you are doing first. Then discuss what you aren't. In other words, don't start with the negative. Consider the rearranging below :

Which has the more influence on daily life - experience or education? Not in order to land a successful job, where the two go hand in hand; you need both a proper education and experience in your field in order to get the job you want. Rather, which leads to a rich and fruitful life that has an impact on the world around you and inspires others to do the same.

Posted 1 Year Ago

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in order to get the job you must have the education,you are usually raw at what you do
but experience teaches you how to do the job

Posted 1 Year Ago

Okay, a little about me before you read this. First of all, thank you for your kind compliment of my work, I really appreciate that. I'm a Career Counselor by profession and a Historian by training. I've taught American History at the collegiate level for the past ten years. So if this seems a little harsh, please don't take it personally; you just asked a college instructor to grade your paper.

So, I have to ask, is this about education v/s experience, or is it about the destructive nature of man on the natural world? I know you addressed that in the beginning but the piece lacked the flow and structure to keep that in mind throughout.

I also agree with William, below. Do not ask for reviews in the description block. Use that space to tell the reader a little bit about the piece, what inspired it or anything that we may need to know more about.

So, on to the piece at hand. First of all, an Englishman didn't discover the New World, an Italian did, The English didn't come for nearly a hundred years. That's not very important, but if you are ever trying to publish that's the little stuff that will get you every time.

Second, make it a little more readable. Use everyday language. We don't have to sound academic.

Find some facts and other work to support your argument. If you don't have anything then this is just another opinion piece for the newspaper and not an article.

Thirdly, proofread it again. There were a few mistakes and misspelled misused or wrong words.

Don't indent unless you are writing a paper for school or college simply double space between paragraph beaks.

The trick for an article is to make it as short as possible with very little personal bias, use supporting facts and you can't go into any long descriptions or give a lot of examples.

Find some examples of the articles you like to read and read as much as you can, from a variety of different authors. Read about how to write and publish an article, the writers digest a great, easy to get resource and it's online.

As far as reviewing my work that's great if you like it and feel the need too, I love reviews, but don't feel like you are obligated

I hope this was helpful.

Posted 1 Year Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Of Stars and Whales and Sam Bova

1 Year Ago

This actually is an opinion piece for my high school newspaper. Does that change your review in any .. read more

1 Year Ago

Absolutely not...it would make a very good opinion piece., just keep editing it down.

.. read more
Of Stars and Whales and Sam Bova

1 Year Ago

Hi James. I rewrote this based on the advice you gave me. Would you mind reviewing again? Your first.. read more
First of all, try not to sound like you're begging for reviews. Writing PLEASE IF YOU ARE READING THIS... in all caps really gives the impression that you're begging, and that makes you seem kinda awkward. If you want reviews, you should simply write the following (or something similar to it) in your author's note: Please rate and leave a constructive review, and I'll gladly return the favor.

Also, I advise you NOT to ask for reviews in your description because the description is meant to give a concise explanation of your piece, and a long description (such as yours) greatly hinders the visual presentation.

As for the article itself, I enjoyed it overall. I thought the ideas were very well structured, and it made a good opinion piece. I enjoyed your use of rheotoric and sentence variety too; it really helped make this sound natural and not forced (as many articles are). You've expressed your opinions with eloquence, and I think this would make a very good inspirational speech. The primary message was very meaningful, and I'm sure that many who read this will agree with what you've expressed.

As far as critiques are concerned, I think you need to take two things in consideration: the art of persuasion and the visual presentation.

Let's start with the visual presentation:

To improve the readability, I suggest to change the font to Georgia size 12. The font you've chosen can be hard to read, but the Georgia font is arguably the most likable font for works of prose (besides Times New Roman).

Also, I'd format this differently if I were you. If I wrote this, I wouldn't indent the paragraphs, and I would put one line of space between each paragraph. It helps make the article look less cluttered. If you want an example of what I'm taking about, I'd suggest looking at the visual presentation of my article "An Underrated Poet: Paul Laurence Dunbar."

As for the art of persuasion, I must say that although this piece is very strong and gives a clear thesis of your opinion, I don't think it's capable of convincing someone who disagrees.

Take these sentences for example:
"Before humans intruded nature, there were no problems, no dilemmas, and no impending end of the world. We as humans fight against each other. That natural world fights for each other."

I think you need to work on avoiding fallacies and realising that not everyone shares your opinion. In the above sentences, you make very bold claims, yet you don't offer enough evidence to support them, making them easily refutable. You said that precolonized America was a place where "everything was filled with the sublime and the quiet of nature." If this is true, that means that when there were only Native Americans in the western hemisphere, everything was peaceful (because according to popular belief, Native Americans treated the land with care); however, Native Americans also fought and killed one another, so how can you say that "before humans intruded nature, there were no problems" if a nature-loving group of people, did, indeed, cause problems among one another. I'm not quite sure how you could make your point less refutable, but this is something you need to consider.

I'm not an experienced article writer, so some of what I'm saying may not be very helpful. There's a writer on here named GalaxyGhost who writes articles a lot (though many of them aren't posted on this site). I'd suggest asking her for advise.

Hope you found this helpful.

- William Liston

Posted 1 Year Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Of Stars and Whales and Sam Bova

1 Year Ago

Thanks! That helps!
Of Stars and Whales and Sam Bova

1 Year Ago

I made some changes. Would you mind reviewing again? Your review helped me so much and I think I can.. read more

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