Beyond Valor

Beyond Valor

A Story by Sami Khalil

The sacrifice and the price to pay.


Beyond Valor…By Sami Khalil

An Analysis of a widow of a fallen hero…

Barreled waves crashed upon the flood of emotions, breaching the surface of jaded eyes, with noted crest and velocity.

To align her memory, of no unbreakable bonds, she saw in real time the slippage of pathless dreams into alabaster dirges.

Every day passed, she listened to riptides and the news of her husband, George Cavallaro, who was embedded in the Iraq war and, had the misfortune of being killed by an IED, in the line of duty, under a heightened sun and across grinding sand.

Upon hearing the news, immediately her thoughts were christened with tears, falling into the sink drains of topiary reflections.

Glaringly insecure, she questioned the validity of wars, or their legitimacy, with sustaining stares, albeit aslant.

Seasons began to fade into moments of aghast flows and withered blows. Voices fell silent at times into eternal oblivion, away from the essence of hope.

She rejoiced not in the minimal of mortified states and, had to remind herself, over and over, that a baby boy is on the way, semi-orphaned across the pages of life.

As she thought, things that linger, past and present, seem to be the homecomings of resurrected souls, alive in passions and flames.

She spoke no further of turbid confessions, as admittance had many shadows of eclipsed disdains.  

Off in the distance, the dying sun dotted the uninitiated nights, in sorrowful swoons.

 What becomes of a heart, any heart, loved to an extent, but be worthy of saving its memory, aside from the places where ashes lay.

In darkest hours, she read the last letter received from him with smiles, that retained the brokenness of drifted pleasures.

Out of her writs, and in the shield position, she was lulled by the gift of life, with bent posture, to be born cheerful and with a ruddy complexion.

She finally folded the letter, gazing mutely, then uttered,

Embers cold, darkened are the hues

Hearts restless, searching for clues

I shall await in my wrenching need

And resign in your arms, as I plead.       

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© 2017 Sami Khalil

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What do you think about the poem too?
Some stories I like to include a poem with it at the beginning or the end.

Posted 1 Month Ago

Embers cold, darkened are the hues
Hearts restless, searching for clues
I shall await in my wrenching need
And resign in your arms, as I plead.

Sami Khalil

Posted 1 Month Ago

A short take on current affairs.

Posted 1 Month Ago

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Sami Khalil
Sami Khalil

Tuscaloosa, AL

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