My eared little owl

My eared little owl

A Poem by Talen Robert M. Sangma

Nothing in this world remains permanent. Something comes & something goes. One such is death. It's inevitable. So do joys and sorrows. Everyone grows through this painful and happy moments.

My eared-little owl:

Hello my little friend, I’m panting
Thinking of you I was erranding
Right from the church’s door,
Today in sunday school, told us of tiger’s spoor.
The hunter tracks its trail and from far saw him,
It was a huge, the man crawled towards him,
The tiger moved forward and the sight turned dim,
The hunter slipped and filled with grim Aren’t you listening?
You are wiggling thy neck with stim.

Ah! What happened? Be happy I’m back
Common Do·rik show me your knack
By turning your head towards back
You can’t turn, let me help you out
Did again the bumblebee was lout?
Hing! What is that inside your curved beak?
It looks selcouth let me have a geek
It’s a rope I can see a little bit
You have swallowed jute rope that fell on pit.

Remain opening your bill that I may gently
Veer it out steadily and keep you safely.
That’s very long still some more inside
Hash, it's now hard and I’m unable to decide
Whether the pulling must resume or suspend,
You’ll be alright I’ll continue to attend
Assuring that your pain will wend.

Hurrah! It’s almost done, the tip is at the neck
One last gentle pull will save you from wreck
What’s that white which comes with the rope?
The intestine turned out, shush, no more hope.
Why has this happened? My spirit is in mope
Will you still live and with me continue to lope?
Please leave me not and chant with me
Oh my queeming eared-little owl I love thee.

Grief and cheerless am I now
All my efforts and concerns are of no dow.
Why have you forlorned me alone?
With no words uttered to me you are gone.
My delightful moments are banished
All my dreams with thee are perished.
Master of death grant my Do
·rik a second turn,
Oh my assisting eared-little owl kindly return.

Never will I forget the memories your perception
Soft hoots, shrieks, screeches your emission
In courtyard your snapping of chickens while drying paddy
Made valuable supports, frightening the greedy.
Every morning up and down to the hollow tree
From the naughty boys’ sight, I lurked you under lee
Longing you to be mine and always see
That you are protected and secure
And feeding thee in cool stream pasture
With crabs, earthworms, shrimps, frogs and spiders
Your gray eared and funky feet grippers
Your soft fringes feathers as silent fliers
Your binocular yellow eyes to capture prey as viewers
Will go on to make me listen and cling
To the ambition of mine and continue the racing
With patience to grab the desiring spot
With eyes focus to swoop on the dot.

Meaning of the context:

Erranding: running or rushing

Spoor: the track, trail, droppings or scent of an animal

Grim: gloomy, dejected, dissatisfaction

Wiggling: to move with irregular, back and forward or side to side motions; to shake or jiggle

Stim: repetitive action

Knack: skill, trick

Lout: a troublemaker, often violent; a rude violent person; a yob; disappointing, disturbing

Selcouth: strange, unusual, unfamiliar

Geek: look (Australian word)

Bill: beak

Veer: to let out, to pull out, to sallow to run out

Wend: to pass away; disappear; depart; vanish

Wreck: ruin,

Mope: To carry oneself in a depressed, lackadaisical manner; showing no interest or enthusiasm

Lope: to jump, leap; to play

Chant: to sing especially without instruments; to enjoy

Queeming: (intransitive, obsolete) To be pleasing (to someone or something); To satisfy; to assuage.

Dow: (obsolete) To be worth; To be of use, have value; To have the strength for, to be able to; To thrive, prosper; endow

Snap: A sudden break; an attempt to seize, bite, attack, or grab; to chase

Lurked: concealed, hide

Swoop: to move swiftly, as if with a sweeping movement, especially to attack something; to fly or glide downwards suddenly; To seize; to catch up; to take with a sweep

Spot: (here) dream, target

Dot: (here) dream, target, aim, destiny

© 2017 Talen Robert M. Sangma

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Author's Note

Talen Robert M. Sangma
Suggestions to the modifications of this poem are welcomed to whichever lines or words are needed to be corrected.

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Added on January 25, 2017
Last Updated on February 27, 2017
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Talen Robert M. Sangma
Talen Robert M. Sangma

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